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    My baby girl Kayleigh will be 1 year old on January 10, hard to believe. We've struggled and struggled with nursing from the day she was born up until now and still having issues. I would seriously like to slap the lady who taught a breastfeeding class I went to. she said only the first 2 weeks are hardest and after that it is easier, LOL not in my case. We've had a bumpy road. Anyways. She is 11 months and 2 weeks old, she was born premature. She currently weighs 13lbs 3oz and she's 25in but I say she's 26in now. Her pediatrician wants me to supplement her with formula, twice a day. I can get Kayleigh to nurse 3 times but the last couple of days she'd only want to nurse once but she's sick with a fever, so that explains the 1 nursing session. Mara and Nick couldn't tolerate milk at 12 months, Nick would projectile vomit it up everywhere, he was kept on formula until he was 18 months and then he could tolerate it. Kayleigh had something with a little milk in it and she throw it up. I am thinking she won't be able to tolerate it either. Since I am supplementing her with 2 bottles a day of formula and she almost 1, do I replace the formula with the milk? or just keep giving her the formula? I don't think the milk will be fatty enough for her, she petite. I just don't see her taking the milk to well. I hate to be in this kind of position where I don't know what to do. She doesn't eat much solids, her brother isn't a big eater himself and he was a 36 weeker. Any advice on this whole milk or no milk issue here.
    Can I just keep supplementing her with the formula? or do I have to replace it with milk. I am gonna cry I miss the newborn days when she'd just nurse forever, make a little sigh noise and drift off to sleep. Since she's only wanting to nurse 3 times a day, is it better to just start weaning or is she still getting what she needs from the 3 nursing sessions that last 5-10 minutes. Sometimes I can get her to nurse for 20 or more minutes. I don't know what to do, I am confused.

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    "I am gonna cry I miss the newborn days when she'd just nurse forever, make a little sigh noise and drift off to sleep. Since she's only wanting to nurse 3 times a day, is it better to just start weaning or is she still getting what she needs from the 3 nursing sessions that last 5-10 minutes. Sometimes I can get her to nurse for 20 or more minutes."

    Any nursing that you do is great and as far as weaning do what you feel is best for the both of you. You can keep nursing even if she just comfort nurse. As far as the milk goes I think that is a comfort level too--what does your pediatrician say? If you value and trust your ped consider his/her opinion and go with what you thing is best. Of course if there is some intolerance to whole milk then you may have to consider soy or some other substitute.

    And finally you have been and are doing a GREAT job!!!!!!!!
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    Yes- you've been through so much and endured when many mamas would have said forget it. You deserve a pat on the back

    I'd say stick with the formula. Don't chance the milk thing. Especially since she could develop an aversion to taking something from a bottle... wouldn't want that She doesnt need it (the milk) anyhow... JMO

    just keep on truckin' and offer her a nursing whenever you think she'll take it.

    ETA - like to clarify - incase it was foggy - I am not suggesting you do formula in lieu of nursing... just rather than milk.
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    I would continue nursing as long as she takes it. Any BM is incredibly beneficial for them in terms of fighting against disease and infections. It is so much beyond nutrition. As for formula issue, I think you may want to continue supplementing with formula instead of switching to cow's milk because your daughter is not a good solids eater. Cow's milk doesn't have much vitamins/minerals. Also as you said she may not be able to tolerate it.
    Don't feel sad. You have given and still giving the best gift to your child. And you never know she may come back to the breast with a vengeance. My son definitely got more interested in the breast after 14-15 months, it can happen.

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    You definately have been through so much with this little girl and nursing her. I think you have gone above and beyond what most mommas would have endured while breastfeeding.

    Personally if I was in your situation, I would still try and nurse when you can and offer the milk-free formula in place of regular milk. With your LO over 1 year you certainly have lots more options!!

    Congrats on the milestone.

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    Question Re: Almost time

    Thanks a bunch!!! There were days when I did say forget it but it made me that more determined. Being the first to nurse in the family i've had no support, they just said "give her a bottle, its not worth it." I am surprised we've made it almost to a year, honestly I didn't think we'd make it. You girls do remember my twice a week posts on something new, lol. I was figuring I was becomming a pest with all my questions but this is the only place i've found support and the courage that I can do this.
    If I trusted my kids pediatrician I would've stopped nursing when she was 2 weeks old, due to her dropping from 6lbs 8oz to 5lbs 14oz after regaining her birthweight. I will hold off giving her milk and just give her the formula still. She has her 1 year check up on January 14, I don't know yet what she'd want me to do. I am sure she will tell me to switch her to milk or if she can't tolerate then keep doing what I am. She's going to reevaluate her's and Nick's weight, I don't think there's much she can do about it.
    Thanks for the replies!!

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