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Thread: Still spitting everything out

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    Default Still spitting everything out

    Logan is 7 MO and really not into solids. He only likes soup broth that I can tell. We're doing BLS. I'm trying to introduce one new fruit and veggie each week. This is what happens. He takes a bite, makes this horrific face, will actually try and dig the food out of his mouth if it goes back too far, then leans over the booster seat and spits the food out on the floor so the dogs can eat it. That part he likes.

    From what I can tell he has never actually swallowed any food.

    Should I stop solids for now and try again in a few weeks? Keep offering him food and hope that one day he might decide to swallow?

    Other interesting fact, he is slightly tongue tied does that affect their ability to move onto solids? I keep forgetting to ask my pedi this question.

    On a positive note he loves the sippy cup. He can drink out of it like a champ!

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    Default Re: Still spitting everything out

    I think you could keep offering if you want to, but don't stress yourself out about it. If it's too much trouble just stop offering for a while. Whatever works for you and LO to keep things relaxed and fun.

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