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Thread: Am I going to mess up my supply?

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    Wink Am I going to mess up my supply?

    Dd2 has been nursing really weird for a few days and I chalk it up to holidays and teething. Now she will feed for 5 - 20+ min at any given time. My problem is the breast she nurses on for 5 mins I will put her back on when she is hungry again. But she may only nurse for 5 min again. Is this wrong? I am forgetting which breast I left off with and well I always have one breast fuller than the other. At night she will now go 5 - 10 hrs without nursing. So, in the morning I am super full (is she goes over 5hrs without nursing). Should I just pump before I got to bed (12amish) just in case. Usually by 12amish it has been almost 5hrs without nursing.

    Thanks, she is going to drive me crazy.
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    You could put her back on the same breast or go ahead and switch. It's whatever feels right to you at the time. I know that I have had a bad habit of checking which side was fullest (the "shake test" ) and that is how I would determine what side to start on if I forgot. I know that other mothers have found keeping a reminder bracelet, or even a pin or ribbon on their bra is a good way of keeping up with which side is next.

    If you are "super full" before you go to bed, it wouldn't hurt to either nurse or pump *just enough* for comfort. If you're not uncomfortable, I would suggest keep doing what you're doing and your production will even out to your baby's demands.


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    Default Re: Am I going to mess up my supply?

    My son was sleeping 5 hours at 3 months too and now that he is 4 months, he is up every 3 hours! I am chalking it up to the fact that he is so interested in his world around him during the day that he actually still needs to eat at night...Anyways, I wanted to post to this message because for the last month or so, I had an old silver ring that fits my thumb and I use that to keep track of which side I last nursed on.
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    The ring on the thumb is a GREAT idea!

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