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    my lo is 5 weeks old and hasn't pooped in two days. should i be concerned? should i do something like give an enema? anyone know bout this? she has plenty of wets so far.


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    I dont think it is cause for concern. As they grow babies use up more of the nutrients and produce less waste. At 9 weeks Luke was going a week or more between poops and everything was fine. I think around 5 weeks he started to go once a day or once every few days. If wets are fine, I wouldnt worry.

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    I called my pediatrician once when my LO didnt have any poops for two days, and was told that is nothing to worry about with a BF baby as long as they are having wet diapers and no signs of pain/distress. And I was told to definitely NOT give anything to speed it up, because that is unnecessary and can even hurt the little ones. Good luck!!

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    yeah its totally normal for breastfed babies to go up to 10 days between poops although I have heard of babies going as long as 23 days!!!! my 7 month old only goes once every 5-7 days now. Its fine.

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