With the four I have weaned, the bedtime feeding was the last to go. It helped to vary the bedtime routine and put a little more of it AFTER the breast feeding. For example breast feed, then story, brush teeth, have cuddle time, etc. It's a good time to have Daddy step in and take over with some/all of these rituals. This lessened the association of that last breastfeeding with bedtime while still keeping it close enough to meet the need.

Then I stayed going out once in awhile past bedtime. That craft class I always wanted to go to - a friend's house for a movie or whatever. The little one usually reluctantly went to bed without much fuss. My theroy was they could look back on the evening and remember some one-on-one time in my lap.

Of course, this works best if the child is USED TO being apart from you once in awhile for a short period. And I didn't stay out too late those few times just in case things didn't work out home.

Once we 'arrived' at total weaning, I always told them (when they tugged at my shirt), "It's all gone!" followed by an offer to cuddle or give them some extra attention. Yes, I would have to say diversion was a valuable tool.