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Thread: HELP!! Is it OALD and/or OS??

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    Default HELP!! Is it OALD and/or OS??

    Lately my 4 week old has been incredibly fussy during some feedings (usually during the evening). First she just started frequently popping off during feedings which was very frustrating and now she keeps popping off and starts screaming bloody murder. We concluded a couple weeks ago that she was having terribly painful gas cramps due to terrible screaming fits where she would bring up her legs and toot. They have continued. She has gone from always having orange seedy poops to having mostly greenish poops but NOT frothy.

    These are the indications of OS from LLLI. I have highlighted in red the indications I have:

    When a mother has more milk than her baby can handle, the following behaviors may be common:

    Baby cries a lot, and is often very irritable and/or restless
    Baby may sometimes gulp, choke, sputter, or cough during feedings at breast

    Baby may seem to bite or clamp down on the nipple while feeding
    Milk sprays when baby comes off, especially at the beginning of a feeding
    Mother may have sore nipples
    Baby may arch and hold himself very stiffly, sometimes screaming
    Feedings often seem like battles, with baby nursing fitfully on and off
    Feedings may be short, lasting only 5 or 10 minutes total
    Baby may seem to have a "love-hate" relationship with the breast
    Baby may burp or pass gas frequently between feedings, tending to spit up a lot
    Baby may have green,
    watery or foamy, explosive stools
    Mother's breasts feel very full most of the time
    Mother may have frequent plugged ducts, which can sometimes lead to mastitis (breast infection)

    So my question is if I don't spray milk when she pops off can it be OALD?? I do see the milk pooling out of her mouth sometimes early in a feeding (I don't feel my letdown at all)
    Can I have OS if my breasts aren't frequently engorged. I only experience some engorgement through the night when she sleeps for 4-6 hours. I do leak quite a bit sometimes but not everyday.

    I just started feeding in a reclining position a couple of days ago and it has seemed to help with the gas but not the fussiness.

    On a side note she does have a lot of poopy diapers. (Usually every change) and what I would think is a healthy amount of wet diapers.

    I'm just so confused. What if she is screaming because of not enough milk instead of too much. I wish there is some way I could know for sure.

    Thanks for any input you could provide. Sorry for the long post.

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    Default Re: HELP!! Is it OALD and/or OS??

    do you have a local leader you could call?
    Check the grey bar at the top and then pick your state.
    and then area..
    there are lots of reasons that babies pull off!
    Your little one is 4 weeks old and thats prime time for a growth spurt too, that can make them want to nurse alot and be fussy.

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    Smile Re: HELP!! Is it OALD and/or OS??

    At the end of your post, you wonder if not enough milk is making her cry...If it's "not enough" milk, she will just keep feeding, so don't worry about that. I don't think babies care that much about how fast it comes out, unless it's too fast, and they are choking.

    I had an overactive letdown during the first couple of growth spurts (high demand for milk= milk production getting upped naturally), when baby would start nursing and then letdown (ouch!) would happen, then baby would pull off, choking and sputtering and crying. (I never sprayed milk) She got used to it eventually, by slowing down when letdown happened. She figured it out herself. but it took a couple of months.

    Have you thought about what YOU are eating/drinking? I would try eliminating as much dairy and soy as you can and see how she feels then. Every time I drink soy milk, my LO gets SUPER gassy and spits up a LOT. Everyone just said I had a "pukey baby," even the pediatrician, who also said that "If YOU were consuming as much and growing as fast as this little machine (baby), YOU would be gassy, too!"... Didn't discover the REAL problem until we went away to a cabin for a week and there was no soy milk in the local grocery store...so no soy milk for me all week...she stopped puking and farting all the time in 2 days' time...it was amazing!!!! That was the first time in MONTHS hubby and I felt relaxed about her health.

    Another thought on Baby screaming during feedings...are you eating things with a lot of, say, garlic before some feedings? Or have you switched vitamins or added a different tea or something? Maybe she isn't liking the taste...?
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