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Thread: "I would rather nurse"

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    Yes, I always found it much easier to nurse than doing to whole meal time thing, especially when out and about.

    All the food prep and mess....who wouldn't prefer nursing???
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    We are doing some of BLS, but LO actually likes soup! When she wants to eat, she doesn't object to us feeding her stuff from a spoon. As soon as she turns away, I stop giving it to her. I also give her finger foods like a soft carrot, avocado, etc and she eats a bit. Just this week she started making it clear that she wants whatever it is we're eating! The problem is that we eat a lot of wheat, dairy, tomatoes and citrus -- all things that I want to wait until a year with.

    I guess I'm also worrying a bit in advance since I have to go back to (part time shift) work when she's a year old and I want to know that she'll be able to survive We've never offered her a bottle and we're not making much progress on drinking from a cup or a sippy cup.

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    im so glad im not the only one who feels like this!!!! my daughter is 7 months old and ebf. she has had tastes of fruit juice and ive offered carrot sticks etc (trying to follow blw) but all she wants is boob fab-i couldnt be happier

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