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Thread: "I would rather nurse"

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    Default "I would rather nurse"

    That's me talking, not the baby She's happy to experiment, but I'm finding this whole solids thing a lot of work! We started at 7 months (2 months ago) and it's going ok but I realized yesterday that we've not really progressed. LO is still only eating a couple of teaspoons at a time, usually only once a day. Timing it right with having her hungry but not too hungry is hard. Preparing food for her takes thought...I'm waiting with many things like wheat, dairy, citrus, etc.

    Anyone else feel this way? Rather just whip it out?

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    Default Re: "I would rather nurse"

    yes, my son comfort nurses, and I comfort forum!
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    Default Re: "I would rather nurse"

    me too!

    it's so much hard work.

    DS is allergic to cows' milk so we're being very careful. Also doing BLW. I need to leave a week between introducing new things, but he gets bored easily and likes new things! Trying to think of new things that are safe...

    Then there's washing his hands and face before and after, cleaning the high chair and all it's nooks and crannies, changing his clothes after when he's too mucky (bibs just aren't big enough - he needs overalls!), timing it right so he's not hungry or tired, waiting to have my lunch so we can eat together, worrying about him choking, then trying to work out if he's reacting to something or it's just where is skin is already irritated, blah blah...

    or just whop out a boob.

    hmm... which to choose!

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    Default Re: "I would rather nurse"

    I hated feeding solids. We started at six months, and at ten months she was still just nibbling here and there. Then two things happened: I got pg, and she suddenly developed an interest in food. I have no idea if the two were connected, but the pregnancy did motivate me to provide her with more solids options, since I was suddenly paranoid about not having enough milk.

    Now she eats TONS, and I have learned not to mind preparing stuff for her. She's pretty easy- she loves everything DH and I eat, and if she's feeling snacky she goes to the 'fridge and gives it a few whacks and yells until mommy finds the desired snack (she likes cheese and yogurt a lot, and all kinds of egg dishes). She still nurses pretty frequently, but () I now prefer feeding solids, since she's a merciless twiddler and my poor boobs are so tender it really hurts now .

    All that to say, don't sweat it. When you're both ready, solids will be wonderful fun. Until then, boobs are the best!

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    Default Re: "I would rather nurse"

    If you are felling this way, I recommend Child led solids. Since the research is based on the idea of if the child is ready the child will deal, it obsolves you a bunch of things that happen with purees. Like the notion that they need more than one thing or even need to eat more than once a day. Since at this point food is only for fun and exploration and they still get all their nutrition from you, when you throw in the mix actually being able to DEAL with the food ON THEIR OWN, it makes a huge difference in what you have to do. AND when they need more than one thing a day or at a meal. For the 1st two months we did one thing once a day. Then added Cheerios as a 2nd thing. Then when DJ LET ME KNOW he was ready for more food by actually swallowing something, and grabbing at my plate, we moved to 2 meals and then three and then 3meals with snacks. We were there by a year.
    Things to consider, while you are the main source of nutrition which IMO should really help with the pressures of solid food, if you don't begin to show your baby all the wonderful food choices out there, it can make both eating solids and weaning much much more difficult. Even though we were up to 3 solid meals a day and two snacks, (And in in my house all his meal have 4-5 choices)I was STILL paranoid that I couldn't be trusted to give him all his nutrition through solids. So you want to be fairly comfortable with solids by the time you get to that point. Also there are a couple of grwoth spurts that come after the year point that are AMAZING as far as what they put away in a two week period. You don't want to be the main source of nutrition at that point I swear.
    Child led allowed me to ease into it at the perfect rate. And the reason that is talked about so much here is because it is the perfect compliment to breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a child led way to eat. Where you follow their ques. So is child led solids. Your child won't actually associate food with hunger until well after the year point and won't actually even associate "taste" with food for months. So this is the easiest time to just let them explore. Good luck. Happy feeding.

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    Default Re: "I would rather nurse"

    In my experience - baby only having a couple of spoonfuls of food a day at 9 mo sounds about right.

    Like DJ's Mom we did baby led solids and my LO was only taking occasional tastes and nibbles of food for several months. It wasn't until my DS was about 8.5 mo old that he showed any real interest in eating solids, and it wasn't until he was more like 9 or 10 mo that he was eating any real amounts. Now at 17 mo DS goes through stages where he doesn't seem interested in solids. We just keep offering and work to make meals no-stress low key fun events so that DS (hopefully) doesn't get any weird associations with eating. If he doesn't want to eat then the meal is done. He'll either nurse more or eat later on.

    With BLS we offered food on a regular basis and let DS decide if he wanted to eat and what and how much. I have no clue how much he was really eating and often would only get good evidence that he ate from his poops the next day.

    In my opinion - the charts that say how many spoonfuls or jars of food a LO is supposed to be eating at various ages is just a recipe to drive moms totally neurotic. If you have any of these charts or books, I politely suggest you throw them out

    Instead - the following info on kellymom.com may be of help (and reassuring):
    Some toddlers are eating very few solids, or even no solids, at 12 months. This is not unusual and really depends on your child - there is quite a big variation. We like to see breastmilk making up the majority (around 75%) of baby's diet at 12 months. Some babies will be taking more solids by 12 months, but others will still be exclusively or almost-exclusively breastfed at this point. It is normal for baby to keep breastmilk as the primary part of his diet up until 18 months or even longer. An example of a nice gradual increase in solids would be 25% solids at 12 months, 50% solids at 18 months, and 80% solids at 24 months.
    and on the WHO website:

    From what I recall - I think at about 9 mo I was the most frustrated with the solids thing. It seemed like I was trying everything and DS wasn't eating much. I decided to keep offering but to take the pressure off me & DS by not worrying about what he was eating. Just keep offering and trying new things.

    I also found it helped to prep a bunch of different foods and heve them ready to go. I'd steam a bunch of veggies or have fruits pre-cut. I also got a bunch of snacky finger foods for DS - several types of dry cereals. And I'd make a batch of pasta (rice - we were waiting until 1 year to do wheat) and have that ready in the fridge. Then for meals I could just pull things out of the fridge or pantry and have some food ready for DS in a few minutes.
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    Default Re: "I would rather nurse"

    Totally! No harm in going back to EBF until you have more energy to devote to it. And when you are ready, why not just offer stuff off your plate??!! It really doesn't have to be more complicated than that.

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    Default Re: "I would rather nurse"

    I am the very same way, and at times I worry that my dd is not getting enough nutrition she is a year now and is still getting most of her meals from the breast. Its just so much easier, especially since everytime I offer her solids she justs throws them onto the floor and wastes the food. Now I'm having to deal with biting....but I feel like I have to bf since shes not eating enough solids. So your definitely not alone on this one.

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    Default Re: "I would rather nurse"

    definitely. I've been so psyched for alasdair to start solids, and now that he's ready, I just want to bf.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lsksam View Post
    I also found it helped to prep a bunch of different foods and heve them ready to go. I'd steam a bunch of veggies or have fruits pre-cut. I also got a bunch of snacky finger foods for DS - several types of dry cereals. And I'd make a batch of pasta (rice - we were waiting until 1 year to do wheat) and have that ready in the fridge. Then for meals I could just pull things out of the fridge or pantry and have some food ready for DS in a few minutes.
    We also do baby led solids, and like you, I always have food prepped ahead of time. I usually have a variety of fresh fruits and veggies and dried cereal for dd to choose from. I also leave out a plate of snack foods for her to nibble on during the day. I've found that raisins, cheerios and slices of clementines are her favorites. At 13 months she still goes days where she eats very few solids, and even on a good day it only averages about the equivalent of a stage 2 jarred baby food. But we like letting her set her own pace.

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