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Thread: are bf babies just not big on sippy cups?

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    Default Re: are bf babies just not big on sippy cups?

    Our son takes a sippy. He hasn't mastered the straw yet. We had a Nuby, but were shocked to find that the little plastic piece inside broke off! One day I looked at it, and it was hanging my a small thread of plastic. I won't buy that brand anymore.
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    Default Re: are bf babies just not big on sippy cups?

    my dd takes a cup with a straw.
    she goes to a daycare that is associated with ucp. the occupational therapists there work with each kid to develop a cup for them. they "say" that the straw cups are the "best" b/c you are acutally teaching baby a different way to drink - sippy cups with stoppers still require sucking.

    anyway, she will drink from straw cup at school - ebm - that i send to school. at home she will only drink water out of the cup...no milk ever, period. she either wants to nurse or take a bottle.

    since we are almost at that magical age when her pediatrician is going to say that we should lose the bottle, i dont know what i will do about the not being willing to take a cup.

    i am going to keep on nursing after she is 1yo, but i only nurse 2-3 times a day. she needs more milk than that...i know. so, what to do???

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