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Thread: Restarting Breastfeeding with concern

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    Unhappy Restarting Breastfeeding with concern

    Breast feeding my first daughter was no easy task. First month, crazy! I would be completely chapped and bleed. Second month, stopped direct feeding and pumped, which worked and I healed. 3rd month, reintroduced the breast and then I couldn't get her off of my till 12 months later.

    I would say it was about 6 months Karley was breastfeeding I started to feel really uncomfortable with her nursing off of me. The sucking and the drawing sensation started to make me develop nausea. Since that point, I really can't stand any brush up against my nipples because they are extremely sensitive and its been 3 years! Does/Did anyone feel like this?

    So hears my question. I'm now 36 wks pregnant with my second daughter. I want all the benefits of the breast milk vs. the formula, but how do I cope with this uncomfortable nausea thingie. Should I just strickly pump?

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    Its a really difficult situation, and I think, you will have to work out what works best for you.
    I would try to nurse when the baby is born, but in the end, if you really find that you simply can't do it, then pumping ebm is a good option.
    you never know, you might find that everything is different with the new baby (it usually is).
    Perhaps a nipple guard will help? it doesnt hurt to try.
    At least consider if you do end up pumping and bottle feeding; always hold your baby close (and with skin-to-skin contact as mucha s possible) when bottle-feeding, even once baby manages to self-feed. the closeness of nursing is a major benifit of breastfeeding that is easily lost with bottle feeding.
    good luck!
    I'm sure other mothers will have some good advice for you too.

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    Default Re: Restarting Breastfeeding with concern

    I have "stress" issues with breastfeeding, too, since my first experience was horrible & I didn't get help/advice until it was too late. I'm having my 3rd baby via c-section in about 9 days, and I have simply given myself MANY options. I have a breast pump, breast shields, bottles, etc. One way or another he'll get breastmilk, but it may not be directly from my nipples. Just keep your options open, be flexible. Don't think you have to kill yourself just to feed the baby. A baby with a happy, relaxed mommy is a happy, relaxed baby. You'll do fine, whatever path you choose.

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    Default Re: Restarting Breastfeeding with concern

    Can you remember if the nausea happened the whole time she nursed (i.e. from the beginning of a feed straight through to the end) or if it only happened when your milk let down?

    I've heard of unusual reactions to the hormones involved with letdown -- very occasionally a mother will feel nauseated, or may feel suddenly depressed.

    If it's a broader issue of unpleasant sensitivity to the nipple stimulation, that may be a different problem. I'm not sure what the solution to either problem is, but I would guess that you'll have a better chance of finding that solution if you can figure out what is causing it -- if that makes any sense?

    Since you developed this problem when your daughter was about 6 months old or older, I wonder also if it might have been related to the return of your fertility? If that is the case, then this may not be an issue when your next baby arrives -- at least not or a while, and you could cross that bridge when and if you got to it.

    Good luck -- I hope we'll be able to point you to the resources you need to nurse. You definitely sound motivated and determined!


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