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    My baby is 4 weeks old and she seems to be getting more lazy with her latch. What I mean is that she now doesn't open her mouth very wide before latching. I end up having to unlatch and relatch her, sometimes more than once, before she will open wide enough. She didn't used to need this.

    Also, sometimes she makes a clicking type sound when sucking and I think this is related to the latch. If I mash my breast together, that seems to help too, so I also thought it might be because my breasts are relatively small.

    Any tips?

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    Well, I don't think we had the best latch either in the beginning. But I just did what I could to get DS to nurse and figured we could work it out as we went along. Now that he is older (8 wks) he latches on great on his own. There is a learning curve in the beginning & it takes practice for sure. I do know that if you hold your breast in C-type hold and tickle the upper lip or even the nose they will open wider but then you have to quickly move the head in to have the mouth latch on. I am not too good at that and DS closes his mouth before I get him on. But it seemed to me that tickling the chin would make the mouth open wider however that was not the case, I read on this site to tickle the lip or nose and that made the mouth open wider and it's true.

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    I am actually working through the clicking problem with my 7 week old right now. It is when they push their tongue up in the back instead of holding it down for a good suck. They still get milk, and if it isn't hurting you don't worry too much about it. BUT, if it does hurt you and she isn't getting fully fed that is a problem. My LC said to do this:

    1. While she is on use the forefinger of the hand holding your breast to gently press on her chin. This will help her open her mouth wider and pull her tongue down. Keep it on there the whole feed - you may need to do this for a number of days. I have been working with her for about 3 days now and she is still doing it, just not as badly.

    2. Let your baby suck on your finger by using your forefinger with the nail down and gently push down on her tongue about 3 times (if you can). Do this exercise 2-3 times a day. She may gag, so just be careful.

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