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Thread: baby got used to OALD?

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    Unhappy baby got used to OALD?

    Okay, I have been over the whole spectrum with my baby, thinking I had low supply to thinking I had/have OALD. Problem is that everything that we are going through fits each situation in some ways but not others.

    Here is the story: When my milk came in, it was not uncommon for baby to choke and gag while nursing. Baby also was extremely fussy and gassy, and I got a diagnosis of colic, which I am reconsidering. I needed to (for reasons I will not get into) give a few bottles of formula at different times over the past week, and they go down very well. But now he has started to fuss a few minutes into a nursing session. So now I am wondering if he got so used to the fast pace of the milk, but my milk has established for him now and it isn't fast enough. I have tried the breast compressions and they have only worked a few times. I can't make it come out fast enough for him, but a bottle works just fine.

    I don't want to give up this aspect of our relationship, but I am so frustrated. Please help!

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    Default Re: baby got used to OALD?

    Maybe someone else will come along and give you better advice. But mine is to keep it up my son did the same thing and he finally got used to the fact that my milk coming down wasn't quite as forceful. It took a couple of weeks but with patience he has adjusted to the difference. Best of luck to you

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    you might avoid the bottle for a few days and see of things get beter
    theres a long list of things that can cause pulling off and fussy baby.
    Try your local leader too she can give you more info over the phone and more help then we can on-line!
    sometimes just a little tweaking on how you hold the baby helps!

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    Default Re: baby got used to OALD?

    My older son definately got used to the OLAD and complained when my supply finally regulated months later. He adjusted. My new baby has a harder time with the OLAD and sometimes I have to let some leak into a diaper before he can latch happily.

    Nursing changes as your baby grows - it's not like once you get it that's it. There's always some new challenge.

    Is there a nursing group near you where you might get some face to face help?

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    Default Re: baby got used to OALD?


    Sounds like you are really making an effort to understand the needs of your baby! What a dedicated momma!

    If baby is experiencing difficulty switch between bottle and breast, you might consider a few things. I understand that some times moms really feel like a bottle is necessary. If there is anyway you can avoid it I am sure you will do your best. No-one likes to have a baby with nipple confusion.

    I would insure that I had a slow flow nipple on the bottle if I really had to bottle feed. In addition, by elevating baby while bottle feeding you make it less easily to knock a bottle back. Breastfeeding is hard work! A bottle is easy.

    Would you care to share any other information with us?

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    Default Re: baby got used to OALD?

    Right on pipsmom...it's always something. After resolving oversupply and overactive let down issues with my son, he is now pulling and I am getting plugged ducts almost every 3 days. He has always had a shallow latch that I try and correct every time.

    The one thing I do now though that has helped a lot is to nurse more frequently and to not let DS get overtired or overhungry. For some reason when they are impatient for whatever, the pulling is the worst.

    Good luck.
    Jenny B.
    Mom to Maximilian Kelly
    for over one year and ing it!

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