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Thread: concerned about low weight gain

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    Default concerned about low weight gain

    i looked up kellymom.com for weight gain charts by WHO etc and found that our ds is short of teh minimum weight gain by 10 oucnes.he is udner weight i guess.
    he entered 7 month, current weight is 14 pounds 4 oucnes.
    ia m really confused what wenrt wrong though i am breats feeding and most websites proclaim that breast milk is higher in fat than solids.i introduced solids at fag end of 5 th month,.then why the less weight gain
    what am i doing wrong?
    please advise?

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    Default Re: concerned about low weight gain

    You're not doing anything wrong. The table alone doesn't indicate a problem unless it's accompany by other concerns. If your baby is meeting development milestones on time, he seems happy and content, he has a good diaper output, then everything should be good to go. Every baby grows on different rates some are destine to be really big and others really small, and they're happy and healthy babies.

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