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Thread: Slimy Mucus-y Poop

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    Question Slimy Mucus-y Poop

    Hi! I'm a new member and first time Mom. My 12 week old son, strictly breastfed is having slimy poops. I know that watery poops are normal for a breastfed baby, but I'm a little concerned about the mucus-y texture. His stooling pattern has recently changed, too. He was going 2-3 days between bowel movements and now he is going at least once, and as many as 4 times a day. The volume of each movement has decreased as the frequency has increased. They are always yellow, but the balance of the seedy vs. mucus-y texture seems to always change. Also, he recently has been decreasing his time at the breast - he was a 40 min. nurser; now he seems happy and full after 20 minutes. Don't know if that is related or not? He is happy, alert and sleeps well. Does this sound normal? Thanks for any feedback!

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    poop changes according to what they need sometimes they can go a week without going and other times it is a blow out 3-4 times a day. Sometimes they are using almost everything they eat and sometimes not. If you do not have a copy of "The womanly Art of Breastfeeding" I recommend getting one all this is explained in there. The frequency of poops will change from week to week as will the consistency. It can range from a stain to a complete blow out. My first would blow out at least twice a day. We used to joke that every time she peed she pooped and everytime she pooped she leaked. I used to carry several changes of clothes for her and a few shirts for me when we went into town. My youngest seems to alternate from a watery yellow with a few small scrambled eggs to something that looks more like glue. A gooey slimy mess. As long as the baby seems happy and heathy gaining weight etc. I would not worry.

    OK now for the eating... That too never seems to be the same. WHen a growth spurt hits it will seem as though you never get to put your shirt down and this can go for teething and other times the baby does not feel well. As long as ou are offering the breast as often as he wants it and he has plenty of wet diapers I would not worry. Listen to what he is telling you he needs. It sounds like you are doing a great job since you are noticing all the changes! Just listen to him and you can't go wrong!!

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    Hi there! Congratulations on your new baby!

    As the PP mentioned, breastfed baby diapers can come in all kinds of textures and consistencies! You mentioned that they continue to be bright yellow in color--and that's a good sign that he's getting the right balance of foremilk and hindmilk. Even an occasional green diaper is no big deal (though if it's happening all the time it can be a sign of too much foremilk).

    12 weeks is also about prime time for stooling patterns to start changing too! You may even notice that he goes up to several days in between dirty diapers. This is very normal, as long as he continues to have at least 5-6 wet diapers (disposable--more if you're using cloth) per day and continues to gain weight. You mention that he's happy and contented, and that is another very good sign.

    You also mention that he's spending less time at the breast at nursing sessions. He's probably figured out his "technique" and has just become very efficient. Again, as long as he's having those wet diapers and gaining weight, you can be assured that he's getting what he needs.

    You're doing a great job!

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