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Thread: Fever Is breastfeeding still safe?

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    I do think it caused problems with my right breast. That was the breast that got infected 3 years ago, when I took them out. The flow on that side is really slow, and comes out in 4 streams at most, usually just 3, when I pump. My left breast is the one bothering me today, and that one completely healed, and I have no problems with the flow of milk. That one's actually my super producer. I leak from the piercing holes ALL the time.

    The red area is below my nipple, kind of on the bottom of my left breast. I don't think it got clogged, but I was a little engorged this morning. After I nursed the LO, it solved that problem (he's such a piggy boy). I think I'm just in the very early stages of it. I nursed him on that breast, and it wasn't too bad. Stung/burned a little bit, but that was it.

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    Ok, so orient your baby in a position where the motion of the jaw massages the red area. This means, lay baby down, get on all fours over him, and let the breast drain out that way. I know it may sound silly but it works. Gravity will aid the process. The emptier you get the breast, the better it is going to feel. In your minds eye imagine being 200 pounds and doing it; now you know how I felt! lol.
    As far as the leaking out of piercing holes goes, I think that part is pretty common. You may want to discuss with your Dr. about taking Lethicin supplements. This soy product has been said to reduce the globules of fat in breast milk allowing for freer passage in the ducts. If you feel that you may have some congestion due to past piercing harm, Lethicin may be helpful.

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