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Thread: Thrush or not?

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    Default Thrush or not?

    I've been battling thrush for a while now. 3 rounds of Diflucan, gentian violet, grapefruit seed extract, and acidophilus - nothing has worked. I have pain on one side only. I'm wondering if it's actually Raynaud's, but after reading about it, I'm not sure how to tell which one I have. I have shooting/burning pains during and after nursing, and the nipple is white or purple after feedings. If it is Raynaud's, is there anything I can do about it? Is it normal to have it only on one side?

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    I don't know a lot about Raynaud's, but have had thrush several times. Those symptoms you are describing are what I had with thrush. Only one nipple ended up really bad with cracking and bleeding, but both of my nipples were erect all the time and white/purple. The burning was in both for me. I'm sorry I can't help much. Ours cleared up pretty quickly with Diflucan (me) and Nystatin (ds), plus topical treatment, so that is definitely different.

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    My LC gave me a paper about other things to do for yeast/thrush infection. Some highlights

    -Wash hands before and after breastfeeding & going to the bathroom and after changing diaper

    -Use towels and bras only once & limits nursing pad use

    -Wash sheets and laundry on hottest setting possible

    -Boil pacifiers, bottle nipples (if pumping), and pumping flanges each day for 5 minutes

    -Eat yogurt (soy has live cultures too), decrease refined sugars and increase fresh garlic

    -Expose your breast to indirect sunlight or a 60-100 watt bulb held 8 inches away for 10-15 minutes after feeding (haven't quite figured this one out)

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