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Thread: diarrhea?

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    Default diarrhea?

    One of my girls is having stools that pretty much soak entirely into the diaper, hardly any solid mass at all. She is pretty spitty too, but I think it is reflux and not vomiting because it's been going on since we came home from the hospital. So, I'm not too concerned about the diarrhea at this point because she seems to be well hydrated, but is there anything I can do to help her? Or do I just need to wait it out? What foods in my diet might be a culprit in causing a loose stool? Thanks a bunch!

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    here is a link to information on stool. http://www.drjaygordon.com/developme...ricks/poop.asp
    here are some pictures: http://www.lactnews.com/the_diaper_images.html

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    I am sorry, I have no advice, but I want to ask if Maria is your middle name? The reason I ask is that my name is Leah Marie.

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