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Thread: Can I continue?

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    Question Can I continue?

    Hi! I have a 4 month old son who breastfed exclusively for the first 6 weeks of life while I was at home with him. We got off to a great start, I was so happy with how things went and loved breastfeeding. I returned to work for 2 months (I am a speech therapist in the public schools). During that time I pumped at work (only had time for once a day at lunch) and breastfed in the evenings. I sent the pumped milk to grandma's house for him to have during the day and she supplemented with formula to fill in the gaps. My milk supply gradually decreased. The last couple of weeks of school completely did me in with all the stress and the busy schedule and my milk supply went way down. Now I am finally out for the summer, but I am not sure if I am even making any milk. My son still latches on once or twice per day (more for comfort than anything else) and I can feel a mild let down sensation, but when I try to pump I'm not getting anything. He is taking formula from a bottle fine, and my sister told me to just go ahead and give it up. But he leans into my breast when he's hungry and I loved the way that nursing made him so happy. I told my husband how things are going and I could tell that he was diappointed that I was just going to quit. Is it possible for me to start making milk again? I want to keep breastfeeding but I am worried that I will have to spend all summer in the house getting a supply built up and then end up back in the same boat when I go back to work in August. Any advice?

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    It is possible, just keep putting him on the breast as much as he wants and start reducing supplementing very slowly. I'll be back with more info later. Gotta go for now!

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