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Thread: HELP - Correcting OALD/Oversupply

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    Default HELP - Correcting OALD/Oversupply

    I think I have OALD and oversupply issues. I tried block feeding one side every 2 hours for over a week and having baby nurse while I'm lying down but it doesn"t seem enough as my right breast is still overprducing. Now I'm tring blok feeding 3 hours with the right breast and 2 hours with the left breast. Seems like baby is happier and spitting up less but I'm worried that somehow my supply will dwindle. How long do I continue this block feeding? Also, seems like I won't be able to ever NIP since I have to lieown to nurse - will I always have to nurse lying down?

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    I never lied down to nurse just to correct my oversupply/OALD issues. I just blockfed and it did take a few weeks for everything to get better. Here we are 10 months later and my left still produces more then my right As your baby gets older they'll be able to deal with you OALD more effectively on their own. Your body can reduce the OALD but it won't go away all together, at least in my experience. I don't know how old your baby is but I noticed my supply evened out more around the 3-4 month range. You can increase your blockfeeding times if you think that will help and if it doesn't then go back to what was working for you before. I didn't really watch the clock though, I based it more on feedings. So one breast for 2 feedings then the other breast for the next two feedings and that helped us. Keep up the good work mama, you're doing great!

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    Default Re: HELP - Correcting OALD/Oversupply

    You might have to lengthen the time of the block... kwim? FOr me (and I am not suggesting this - just sharing my experience ) I have to go 4-5 hour blocks. It's all that worked. I still block feed. I never stopped - so it's something that for each mama, they have to figure out what works best for the specific situation.

    Regarding lying down... have you tried not lying down at home recently to see what happens? It may take some time to work itself all out
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