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    I have a 4 month old son. Lately his appetite has greatly decreased. I pump and bottle feed (due to his reflux and the position he needs to sit in), so I can monitor his milk intake. He used to drink about 20 oz of bm every day. Now he's down to 13-17 oz, and he's been this way for a few days now. He doesn't have a temp., doesn't seem to be cranky, and doesn't seem to be teething. I'm not sure what's up with him! When I try to get him to drink more, he just plays with the nipple of the bottle, or turns his head, or starts crying. When he will drink more, he just throws up A LOT of it. I would say that he's had a decreased appetite for about 4 days now, and he's thrown up a lot of bm for 2 days now. Can you explain what's going on w/ him? Should I be concerned or is this normal baby behavior?

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    As long as your son is gaining sufficient weight, I would not worry about exactly how many ounces he is taking in a day. If you weren't bottle feeding, you would probably never even know. Remember that baby's growth rates level off drastically after the fourth month. My first son DOUBLED his birth weight during the first three months(17 lbs), and then only gained about a pound and a half the next two months. I understand your concern since your baby has reflux, though. But again, it would be better to have only 17 ounces stay in him, than to have him spit up because it's too much volume for him to handle. Again, everything hinges on him having sufficient (though nothing like the first four months) weight gain as the weeks pass.

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    The same thing happened to my 41/2 month 1 wk ago but he also started to wakeup more at night but didn't want to nurse. When I took him to ped last Friday he had an ear infection although he had no temp. He is feeling better now and back eating about the same he used to . Good luck!

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