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Thread: Manual Expression of Milk

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    Default Manual Expression of Milk

    I have problems pumping. I can only get 2-3 ounces at a sitting. This is an issue because my ds needs 4 ounces. I am using an Ameda Purely Yours Pump.

    This morning, I had trouble getting a let-down (only on one side) as the milk was only trickling out. I tried to manually express milk after I was done pumping. More milk was coming out, but I have no idea how to collect it. I tried holding the flange underneath, but it was just running all over my hand. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    I never had a pump, I just expressed milk when I needed to, and I never had a problem to collect it into a clean cup or bowl.
    try leaning forward so your nipple points a bit down - that way gravity works with you.

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    I always hand-express after I think the pump has done all it can - and I always get more milk out this way. (FWIW, this was suggested to me to do by an IBCLC to help lessen the liklihood of blebs, blocked ducts, etc., which had been a recurrent problem for me.) I guess maybe it just takes practice? I've gotten pretty good and just expressing right into the narror opening of the bottle after I unscrew it from the pump. Occasionally I wind up with some on my hands, but mostly, if I have the nipple pointing more or less in towards the bottle, the milk goes where it should! Sorry.... can't think of anything more helpful but I'll pay more attention to my 'technique' when I pump next!

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    Manually expressing milk is something that can take practice. Try it in the shower at home, so any errant milk is easily washed away!
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