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Thread: Don't offer ... Don't refuse question?

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    My LO is almost 16 months old we are down to 3 feedings a day (morning, before nap and before bed) I'm happy with this but my DH is worried that since we plan are trying for #2 in Jan that either it will be hard on me if I become pregnant or that it would be hard on her if suddenly I don't have milk for her. She outright refuses milk from a bottle, cup, or sippy, either plain, Homo (full fat), 2%, chocolate, strawberry or soy. We have tried all kinds, she now even refusses BM in a bottle. She is getting what she needs in her diet so that is not my concern but I cant even pump and give her a bottle instead of nursing. My hope is she will wean herself once I am pregnant and everyone will be happy. I don't think I want to tandem feed, my DH thinks its best not to. But I'm have not fully decided either way. I think the best solution is to get her down to morning and night feedings by then end of Jan so that way if I have any issues feeding (too sick, too sore ect) its easier to wean her then.

    Anyways.. sorry for the rant, my question is the do not refuse... sometimes my LO will ask for "boobie" not during those usual three times a day, I offer her something else and she is usually okay with it (IE lunch, water, snack) Is it okay to deter or is that considered refusing? If she keeps asking then I do give it to her, but first I try to give her something else instead is that okay?

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    I think what you're describing sounds more like distraction than don't offer/don't refuse, but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it. Distraction can also be used to gently wean.

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    yup it sounds like its working if your down to 3 times a day..
    Thoose are normaly the last to go... nap, 1st thing and then bed time.
    Sometimes you have to give in at other times when they are hurt or not fealing well..

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    We were / are down to about 3 times a day also, and I do pretty much the same thing. Sometimes he'll ask for lolo (milk) but gets really excited when I offer him water (if I think he's thirsty), or a snack if he's probably hungry.

    He's had a bad cold for the past few days though, so I've been pretty much nursing on demand. Poor little guy.


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