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Thread: Suddenly getting less from one side

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    Default Suddenly getting less from one side

    My baby is one week old and this is my third child. I'm suddenly getting significantly less from one side when pumping. My nipples are kind of itchy and burning when he is nursing too. I'm prone to yeast but would a yeast infection cause less milk production? What can I use that's natural for yeast? I started taking acidophilus yesterday but what about baby? what if he has it in his mouth? I'm pumping b/c he's not regaining his weight. He isn't losing but he isn't gaining either so I'm pumping after feedings and giving it to him in a bottle. Also, we've had significant trouble with latch so I'm using a nipple shield to make it easier for him (he was born at 37 weeks) and easier on my nipples. Thanks for your input.

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    ok, I think I figured it out. I was using a hands free boustier for pumping and it was too tight (the LC that fit me for it said it needed to be that tight). I think it was restricting milk flow since the side that I was getting less from is bigger than the other side. I'm back to just holding them when I pump and I'm getting the normal amount again.

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    ok, great.
    Has the itching sensation abated?

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    No, I still think I have a yeast infection and am looking for a natural way to heal this. I also am wondering what to do about my son; if it's in his mouth. We use homeopathy so we're definitely not going to the doctor to get medicine.

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    I'd check out this topic on this forum: http://www.midwiferytoday.com/forums...TOPIC_ID=12184

    Also remember that thrush is hard to kill, and laundry soap won't do the trick. Add vinegar to your water to kill off the thrush, and consider boiling anything that touches your nipples; such as a bra.

    Here is a page I copied for you:


    Candida, or yeast organism, is normally present in the body in the mouth, gastrointestinal tract and vagina. The body also depends on our normal bacteria to prevent an overgrowth of yeast organism. This overgrowth of yeast causes a fungal infection called thrush, which grows in warm, moist conditions, and can affect any part of the
    body, including the breasts and nipples in breastfeeding mothers.

    Breastfeeding mothers are at risk for developing thrush if they have:

    * Taken or are currently taking antibiotics
    * Cracked nipples from poor latch-on or positioning


    * PAIN!
    o especially if it continues after an initial problem with poor latch-on or positioning was corrected
    o occurs several weeks or months after successful breastfeeding
    o is a burning or shooting/stabbing pain in the nipple, breast tissue or both
    o is experienced during and after feedings. Sometimes the pain in between feedings is stronger
    o its experienced with pumping the breasts
    * Nipple itching, flaking, redness, shininess or sometimes white patches are present.
    * The baby has white patches on his/her tongue or inside the mouth.
    * The baby has a yeast diaper rash and may be gassy and fussy.

    There may be no visible signs in either mom or baby and pain is the only symptom

    If you suspect thrush is present, contact you health care provider to be assessed and treated. It is wise to treat both the mother and the baby at the same time, even if there are no symptoms. If treatment is indicated, it should continue for two weeks even if symptoms are gone.

    Home Care
    Care of the environment that you and the baby are in is very important for the treatment of thrush. Any items that come in contact with baby's mouth or mother's nipples can harbor the yeast. The following are highly recommended while treating and preventing the return of thrush:

    * All items that come in contact with the baby's mouth such as toys, pacifiers, bottle nipples, etc., should be boiled daily for 20 minutes.
    * Pacifiers and nipples should be replaced weekly.
    * Any breast milk that was expressed and then frozen during a thrush outbreak may re-infect the baby at a later time. To avoid this, boil the milk to destroy the yeast.
    * Keep the breasts as dry as possible and exposed to air whenever possible.
    * Use disposable bra pads.
    * When laundering bra pads, bras or diapers, use hot, soapy water. One cup of bleach in the wash water or one cup of vinegar in the rinse water can be effective. All items should be thoroughly dried by line drying in the sun or a hot dryer.
    * During an outbreak, use paper towels for hand drying and use bath towels only once before laundering."

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    Wow! Thank you for the info. I was reminded of the pain that goes along with it which I do not have yet but I feel like I better hurry and take care of this before it comes. I have white patches, itchiness and redness. I better get on the ball to clear this up! Thanks again.

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