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Thread: advice baby with cold

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    Do any of you experienced moms have any advice for caring for a 3 month old with what appears to be a cold. She seems to be choking on mucous and coughing. She can still breastfeed and her nose runs only periodically, but I was hoping for some advice to head this thing off at the pass? Since we exclusively BF and try to use only homeopathic remedies, I am not sure what to do if anything for her cold.

    I am afraid she will get too stuffed up to BF and the choking is making me nervous!

    TIA for your advice!

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    BM is really good for clearing up stuffy noses. Baby saline will help a little too. A humidifier will help LO breath better at night. You can put some peppermint or eucalyptus oil in a bath to help clear nasal passages. Nurse, nurse, nurse! The more BM LO gets the better!


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    Definatly try squirting some saline up her nose and sucking out some boogies. Humidifiers are great too. When dd has a cold I let her hang out in the bathroom while dh and I shower .. we let the bathroom get all steamy. I know you said homeopathic stuff only But I love this stuff called Babyrub. Made by Vicks. its all natural.. no chemicals.. Just eucalyptus and a few other things. Its topical so I jsut massage it into dd back and neck ebfore bed when she has a stuffy nose and it helps clear her nose too.

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