While were talking anyone have suggestions for bottles? My LO as mentioned above decided she didnt like the bottle anymore but there are times when i just cant give her the breast, weve tried several different types but seems the only thing we can get her to take is the gerber bf bottle with very warm milk.... almost hot milk that is the only way she will drink it. i wonder how warm BM is coming straight from the tap? kinda off topic but is night time engorgement this late in the game normal? she hasnt been nursing any more than normal and her bedtime routine hasnt changed, she goes down around 10pm sleeps till about 4 then wakes every two hours until about 8am when she is to smiley to go back to sleep , this has been the routine for at least a month but in the last few days i have been waking at 2-3 with very full achey breasts i actually have been waking her to relieve me, talk about role reversal any ideas? Thanks ladies!