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Thread: help needed!!!!

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    Default help needed!!!!


    let me just introduce myself i'm kayleigh 21 i have a daughter who is 2 in feb and i have a 6 week old son

    so heres the problem i've been brastfeeding my son since he was born but on the 14th my auntie who is a health visitor told me to give my son some formula as he wern't gaining a lot of weight so i gave him the forumla then my milk was drying up so i decided to stop breastfeeding and just give him formula

    now i'm feeling that i don't want to stop breastfeeding him so my problem is can i go back and give him breastmilk again

    i'm still producing milk as i just expressed 4 oz of breastmilk is it possible to go back after not feeding him breast milk for just over 24 hours?

    also when i was breast feeding he seemed like he was always hungry and wouldn't settle very well during the day but slept through the night and i could only get 1-2oz of milk out while expressing

    is there anything i can do to make this better?

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    I'm sorry, I'm a little sleepy right now, I just want to make sure here..

    You fed him formula yesterday, but you want to NOT feed him formula? Is that right?

    If so, you should be able to resume nursing him without any problems.

    Don't worry about how much milk you are able to express. Babies are much better at getting the milk out a breast than a pump is. Some mama's can only get an ounce out with a pump, but they produce much more than that for thier babies.

    A lot of babies go through fussy times. How many dirty diapers and wet diapers a day were you getting when nursing him?

    Like I said, I'm sorry if I didn't quite understand how long it's been since he's had breastmilk, I'm a little sleepy.

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    Default Re: help needed!!!!

    hi thanks for your reply

    i last feed him from the breast around the evening of thursday and he has had formula friday so for just over the last 24hrs

    i really would love to breastfeed again

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    Default Re: help needed!!!!

    Yes you can continue on the breast- let him latch on for sure!

    Were you having difficulties?
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    Default Re: help needed!!!!

    wern't really having trouble

    just the fact that ppl think he wernt putting on enough weight and that i couldn't express harly any milk

    but i loved the feeling of being so close to my son as my daughter didn't take to breastmilk and prefered formula

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    Default Re: help needed!!!!

    At 6 weeks he's just really beginning to establish your supply. Continue to offer the breast and make sure you have a good latch as pp said. Babies that young nurse frequently so do worry about how hungry he seems (his tummy's the size of his fist and breastmilk is very easily digested. As long as he's having enough wet diapers he's getting enough.

    Here's a link that should explain it better http://kellymom.com/bf/supply/enough-milk.html

    Congratulations on your LO.

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    Default Re: help needed!!!!

    Yes! It is definitely possible to go back to full breastfeeding! There are a lot of moms who have relactated after a lot longer than 24 hours. My Mom had to give up nursing my sister due to health problems, and was able to go back to breastfeeding after 3 months off. Her milk had completely dried up and she got it back!

    Put your son back on the breast as often as he will go, and for as long as he wants. Watch his diaper output- if it is good, he's getting enough. You may want to go see a lactation consultant while you get your son back to the breast, to reassure you about the nursing process and help you through any rocky times.

    Good luck! I think it's terrific that you're going back to breastfeeding!

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    oh yeah you can go back to breastfeeding!
    Lots of skin to skin contact will help.
    Don't be afraid to call your local leader she can help!
    Look her up in the find local support choose a country grey bar at the top of the page.
    You can do it. Just think how much less work breastfeeding will be.
    heres a link that talks about how to tell if baby is getting the milk they need
    and here is a link that talks about some of the causes of no weight gain

    how was baby acting before he turned 6 weeks? Thats a prime time for a growth spurt...
    some of that fussyness could have come from that. was baby weight taken on the same scale?
    mistakes can be made in recording and scales can be up to a lb or more off.
    if you need more help let us know or call your local leader!

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