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Thread: Nipple Fit in Pump

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    I'm wondering exactly how the nipple is supposed to fit inside the shield. Is the whole nipple (areola included) supposed to kind of smush up/shrink & fit inside the tube? That is what mine does & then when I pump, it pulls the skin w/ my nipple inside of it forward. That probably doesn't make sense. But, I don't get that much milk that way. If I reposition the pump to where my just my nipple goes into the tube & none of the aerola is pulled forward I can get a lot more milk. However, I have to continually reposition my nipple to fit correctly to get milk. I'm just SOOOOO confused My breasts are pretty large, but I don't think my nipples are just real big. I wonder if I should try a larger horn or if that would only make it worse.

    I hope that makes sense, but does anyone have any advice or tips? Actually if someone could explain exactly how the nipple & areola are supposed to fit inside the tube & horn, that would help a lot!!
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    Hi There - and welcome! What I was taught by a few lactation consultants (IBCLCs) was that the aereola/darkened skin area should rub as little as possible on the inside of the plastic of the pump parts. The friction that results from the rubbing can cause both soreness and also can increase your likelihood of forming blebs/blockages down in the nipple area.

    Most pumps have larger size breast sheilds (the 'technical' terms for 'horns' ) so if you are using the standard ones that came with your pump, there may be another option that would work better for you. It's great that you are catching this early and figuring out what works and doesn't for you. What kind of pump system are you using??
    Best of luck.......Jsmom

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