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Thread: Penga is home! BUT... nursing strike?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wakawaka View Post
    Hooray, Penga is home! We took her home on Tuesday (Dec. 11.) We are extremely happy

    We are going through a tough time nursing, though. She started to refuse nursing again. She screams and pulls away from my breast if I try to put her on it in the beginning of the feeding session. Now we give her bottle with 15-20ml of EBM first then breastfeed her. Often she gets tired easily and drifts off to sleep after nursing only one side. I then pump and save what I got for the next feeding.

    I kangrooed her for a long time today, and she tries to come down to my breast, and licked and suckled, then sucked for a considerable time (while it took a long time for let-down to happen).

    Penga also needs to be held ALL the time. So my husband and I take turns to hold her.

    Otherwise, she is doing well. We had our first nurse visit yesterday and found out Penga has gained 4oz in 2 1/2 days since discharge

    I feel lost, though. I thought we would be able to breastfeed exclusively once she gets home. I hope the nursing strike is temporary. Is there any mom who experienced it at the time of hospital discharge, and how did you come out of it?????? Help!

    Congratulations on getting Panga home at last and on her weight check! But I would not call her breastfeeding (BF) a nursing strike -- I would call it very typical post-NICU-discharge behavior. She is making a huge transition from NICU environment to home -- you all are. And she's had lots more oral experiences than the average 39-40 week term baby. I know few (if any) preterms who came home fully BF -- it usually took a few weeks beyond full term due date. There is no "must be fully BF by..." date on babies. Some need more time than others to learn, but virtually all need some time. You and she have really been doing pretty darn well!

    Panga will know when she is ready. Let her lead the way via baby-led latching. Don't place pressure on her or yourself about BF. Consider all BF as "practice" -- she'll let you know when she's ready to move from practice to proficient. In my more recent experiences helping moms of premies, almost all transitioned to BF via kangaroo care (mother-baby skin-to-skin contact) prior to feeding time. Since she needs to be held almost nonstop, try to do this skin-to-skin as much as possible. I'm including a couple of links to info re: baby-led latch via skin-to-skin contact and a couple of sites for clothing that allow one to kangaroo while getting about one's business...

    Baby-led latch:


    KangarooCare Clothing:

    KangaCarrier http://www.kangaroomothercare.com/Ka...r_brochure.pdf or http://www.kangaroomothercare.com/story01ad.htm

    Hang in... Celebrate how far you and Penga have come. Live in the moment and know things can get better... And as hard as it may be, keep up with regular pumping at least 8x per 24 hours until Penga begins BF (removing milk) effectively.

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    Default Re: Penga is home! BUT... nursing strike?

    I just wanted to congratulate you and your family on bringing Penga home! I am so happy for you guys. I agree with all pp's. I would continue bringing her to the breast for her to stay familiar with it. You are doing a great job and we are all so proud of you!
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    Default Re: Penga is home! BUT... nursing strike?

    Thank you everyone for reassurance, encouragement, and advices.

    Here is an update.

    Penga seems to be settling into our home slowly but surely. Her reflux seems to be getting worse, but nursing is going pretty well. Kangarooing really helped. During kangaroo, Penga always goes down to the breast and wants to nurse. The day before yesterday was the first day that she did not resist the breast (even when it's not kangaroo time) and yesterday we nursed all feeding with only 2 supplementation with bottled BM. She gained another 3 oz during the last two days, too.

    I am happy to hold her. I couldn't get to be together with her during the last 4 months, so being together by holding her is a good thing for me. Having said that, today is the first day I was able to put her on our family bed for napping together (DH and DD1 are work/school so it is just Penga and me in the middle of the king-size bed). Penga looks so peaceful.

    As mentioned, reflux is getting worse, and I will try eliminating some food (Penga is already on 3 medication for reflux). I am wondering whether herbs (e.g. mother's milk tea, and mother's milk plus & goat's roe (spell?) capsels) also contributed to upset stomach for babies.

    I noticed dramatic increase in my milk production (or much easier let-down). My milk flows continously every time and during the entire session. On the other hand, when I pump, my breast is very slow to respond. Sometimes it takes more than 5 minutes of pumping before I get any drop of BM. Once milk starts to let down, I can usually get 2 oz. (I only pump when I feel my breast still full after feeding, once or twice during the last couple of days). It is interesting that my body is also making adjustment to having Penga close by at home.
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    Default Re: Penga is home! BUT... nursing strike?


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    As I mentioned my baby came at 32 weeks as well. Reflux was a big problem for us too. In fact it still is except that it has gotten much better at night for some reason. I tried to use prescription meds and little tummies, but in the end I just decided to watch my dairy and citrus intake. dairy really made it worse. These little ones still have a lot of maturing to do as far as their digestive system goes. My best suggestion for you is to be patient, try not to worry as long as she is gaining weight and be sure to have lots of big towels around. We pretty much gave up on the burp cloths. I am so glad that all seems to be going well. Keep up the great work.

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    Default Re: Penga is home! BUT... nursing strike?

    I have not tips but I just wants to say congrats on getting your LO home for the Holidays.
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    my son came home not fully nursing either- the best thing for us i noticed was bathing together- i also wore him, me shirtless, him in just a diaper all the time. i continued to pump for him and tried to pump just a little before he would start nursing so i wouldn't be so full and the milk would already be coming for him. also, night time nursing was always his best time- i would wake him up early in the morning so he would still be sleepy and he would always latch on then- i only co-slept with him a few nights- although i had other intentions he didn't... he wanted his own bed- so i put him in a bassinet right next to me- so if he stirred at night i could nurse him without having to move him a lot, thus, he would be sleepy and more willing to nurse. he also had horrible reflux, but that didn't start until about a month after he came home- he lost over 2 lbs because of it- i had a little 7lb 4 month old! i would watch those tiny reflux babies. good luck nursing... she will get the hang of it- that is great she is gaining. i agree that i don't think this is a nursing strike these tiny babies just need a little more time to figure the world out! once again, i highly recommend bathing with her- that was so good for my son when it came to getting him to latch.

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