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Thread: Night Weaning 2-year-olds?

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    Default Night Weaning 2-year-olds?

    I am 11wks PG with #3 (maybe more, who knows!). And am getting very tired and resentful of nursing at night. I have nursed my 2-year-old twin boys since birth. To sleep, at naps, and any other time they asked for it. Never took bottles or sippies of mama's milk. Never took nooks. Never cared for "lovies".
    We put a futon next to our bed several months ago, but though I used to be able to keep them on it for a few hours a night-now both of them are back in bed. This lady needs her space-especially sore boobs!
    So after deliberation with my fellow LLL members and leader-I'm considering at least night-weaning for now. So here are my questions (keeping in mind our current arrangements):
    1) how did you get your kids into another bed (not even necessarily another room?)
    2) how did you go about night weaning?
    3) did you regret it?
    4) how do you feel about everything now that you night-weaned?
    Thanks for your input ladies!
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    Default Re: Night Weaning 2-year-olds?

    I nightweaned my then-23 mo. old DD when I was in my first trimester. She was already sleeping in her own room and had self-nightweaned to one early a.m. feeding, so for us it was only a matter of cutting out that one feeding.
    (1) She has been sleeping in a separate bedroom since about 9 mos. old. We never co-slept regularly due to several factors including my own medical condition.
    (2) To night wean her from that last early a.m. feeding, DH or I would go to her when she awoke in the early a.m. and offer comfort etc. but not nursing. She was mad but we stayed with her and helped her through it. I wore a crew-neck sweatshirt so as not to "tease" her, kwim? After a few days she didn't ask to nurse at that time anymore. She still wakes up in the early a.m. fairly often but not to nurse. At lease DH can handle it so I can sleep.
    (3) No, I did not regret it. I feel that she was pretty much ready for it and I know I was!
    (4) I feel fine about everything, and glad I didn't force it sooner.
    GL! My hat's off to you for nursing twins and being prego!


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    Default Re: Night Weaning 2-year-olds?

    I nightweaned my co-sleeping nearly 2 year old with Dr. Godon's method (just bumped it up for another person yesterday). But, I'm not sure how that would work with twins! My dh also began cutting him off at the pass and bringing him back to his own room as soon as he reached our door. I didn't regret is as I couldn't see night nursing an infant and a toddler as well (I'm sure it's been done, and my hats off to those ladies). I wasn't too emotional about the night weaning but now that we've weaned completely I can see that my relationship with him isn't quite the same. And I'm definately looking forward to nursing my next lo.
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