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Thread: I need some help with my 6 months-old

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    Default I need some help with my 6 months-old

    Hello Mommies

    I have 2 questions:
    1. I have been breastfeeding since my baby was born in June. He has been eating every 2 hours since then, never changed his schedule, even at night...so I am starting to be very tired to feed him at night...but he is starving and I can't let him cry.
    any help?????

    2.Recently he also decided to eat less...before he would nurse for 20min each breast, then he switched to 20 min but only one breast, and now it is 5min one breast every 2 hours. If I try to give hime more, he gets upset and I don't want to force him as well.
    at day care he does not finish the bottles as well... he would eat 15 ounces at day care before, but now he brely takes 10 ounces.
    He is turning 6 months on Saturday.
    What's happening?

    Any help please
    Thanks a lot

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    Default Re: I need some help with my 6 months-old

    I can understand how you feel

    But it is very common for many breastfed babies to eat every 2hrs since breastmilk is easy to digest. My LO is 9 1/2 months old and he still bf every
    1 1/2 hrs. Many babies grow out of it and sleep for longer stretches at night as they grow older. That day might come for you soon. So hang in there

    Since he is bigger now, he can see and hear everything that is going around. It is very common at this age. Just try to take him to a dark, quiet room to nurse and see if that helps.
    This link might be helpful: http://www.kellymom.com/babyconcerns...ible-baby.html

    Good luck!!!

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    Default Re: I need some help with my 6 months-old

    I agree with PP, my 6 mo old has a really difficult time concentrating on nursing. I am lucky if we get 5 minutes a session. My LO also eats about every 1.5 - 2 hours. He's better at night, but not much!

    Do you co-sleep? that may help you feel more rested. I know that I sleep pretty good - just get him latched on and back to sleep I go.

    Good luck, sounds normal what your LO is doing.

    SAHM mom to Richard, born 6/6/07 at 8 pounds, now 27!

    Wife to Michael for 13 years

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    Default Re: I need some help with my 6 months-old

    I dunno maybe he is reverse cycling because he isn't nursing during the day so he is wanting to be with you and nurse at night? Maybe thats why he doesn't eat that much during the day.

    Also my baby is 7 and a half months old and he still nurses every 2 hours. Not at night though, I might get a 3-4 hour break but not usually. Okay maybe it is still every 2 hours. But we co-sleep and I'm usually half asleep when I'm nursing him. That is what saves me!

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    Default Re: I need some help with my 6 months-old

    i have read that as babies age they become more efficient at nursing, and so it is possible that your LO is better ar nursing and so does not need to nurse as long. also as a pp said he is also more interested in his surroundings so probably doesn't want to hang out at the breast as long and miss all the action!


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    Default Re: I need some help with my 6 months-old

    I posted this in response to another query recently but it sounds like it might be relevant to your situation as well:

    We had success with the Ferber method. My 7 month old LO was nursing every 2 hours all night long and not eating much during the day (he, too, went from eating 15 oz. at day care to 7 or 8 and then would be hungry all night). We followed Ferber's approach of extending the feeding intervals over a period of a week. So the first night, you only feed your LO every 2.5 hours, the second night, every 3 hours, the third night, every 3.5 hours, etc.

    You don't have to leave them to cry it out in their crib but can pick them up, walk them around, rock them, distract them, etc. The goal is to gradually transition them from being hungry at night to eating more during the day. The third night was rough--he woke up wanting to be fed after only an hour and a half and we had to walk him around / distract him for a couple of hours before feeding him. But he ate more the next day and on the fourth night, he slept for 7 hours straight. And then 9 hours the next night!

    We've had to back-track a few times since then (last night he woke up hungry after 5 hours so I fed him because I thought he hadn't eaten enough during the day) but for the most part it has been successful.

    Good luck!

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