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Thread: baby not regaining weight

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrea_ohio View Post
    let the house go and just worry about baby! That other stuff can wait!
    did you have an iv at birth?
    some ladies with iv will find that their baby drops alot of water weight in the 1st week and it takes a while for them to gain it back!
    IT sounds like you are doing all the right things.
    Do call your local leader she can help!
    Actually she was home birthed without drugs, IV etc...

    I am going to call my local leader because I'm ot sure how much Baby is actually drinking when she feeds. The most she has taken in is 1 ounce and she looks to be working away pretty diligently . I've watched the video showing the suck-suck- pause pattern and can't tell if Baby is doing that consistently or not.

    I'm so relieved to know there is help out there that will help Baby stay with breastmilk!

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    The poop will stop being all the time and build up in there. By 3 months DS was pooping once a week. (Man I feel like I always talk in either the poop threads or talk about it. )

    But I think as long as your LO is doing fine and is healthy and happy, with a good diaper output than you are doing just fine!! Here is what helped me out, cause DS doesn't gain all that much weight but he was always very active.


    Also when she is sucking, look for her ears to be wiggling cause that means she is swallowing and not just using you for comfort. That helped me alot at the beginning cause I couldn't always tell if my DS was swallowing or not.

    You are doing a wonderful job though!

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    Default Re: baby not regaining weight

    I'm sorry it's so tough for you right now. It doesn't sound like it's a problem of getting enough BM, and I really don't think bottles will help. Probably only cause more problems. I would look more in the area of a metabolic or absorption issue. Possibly an allergy to something you are eating. I wish I knew more to tell you. Good luck and hang in there!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenn07 View Post
    Baby A gained 2 ounces in 2 days! With the scale we figured out that she's most likely a lazy eater.
    I would like to gently point out that an ounce a day is still a reasonably good amount of weight. It's just a wee bit shy of the standard, and no cause for a five alarm fire. Metabolic absorption seems good so far. Lots of poops, lots of pee.

    Your doing a great job!

    If I have any advise I would encourage you to allow her to feed entirely off one breast each time she feeds, instead of switching sides. This will allow time for the fat that adheres to the sides of the ducts to travel down into your baby's tummy.

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    Great advice! Adding the pumped milk made a BIG difference. Baby gained 1.2 ounces since yesterday! She's different behaviorally too. Wakes up at night and feeds consistently, no need to nudge her back to eating.

    She's wide awake in the AM and eating, eating, eating. MIdwife told me to pump before feeding so Baby takes in mostly hindmilk. She eats longer, but her intake isn't much more. Evidently it's just as good because Baby still throws her head back dramtically from the breast with a trickle of milk running out.

    Luckily, there's been no nipple confusion. She won't take a bottle from me though, but eats readily from bottle with Dad.

    So all told, she 's gained over 5 ounces since Tuesday. Not plump by any means, but it's a start.

    Now I have such respect for moms who breastfeed exclusively. And those who can pump and work must be superhuman! Breastfeeding by itself is a fulltime job, but totally worth it!

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    I'm glad that things are getting beter:
    have you talked to your local leader?
    here is a link that might help:

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