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Thread: Question about handling EBM.

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    Default Question about handling EBM.

    I read on another board that the guideline for handling EBM at room temperature is only for fresh milk, not milk that has been previously brought to temp by either freezing or refrigerating.

    I looked on the LLL page for storing EBM, but it doesn't specify. I often take a bottle of EBM out with me and leave it in my bag, at room temp. It was either taken from the fridge or freezer. Is it only safe to do that if it was freshly pumped?

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    Default Re: Question about handling EBM.

    In my experience, frozen milk tends to go bad really fast, like within a couple of hours. I read the reason for it once and can't remember all the details, just that the anitbodies or whatever that destroy bacteria and keep the milk fresh die off a lot when they're frozen, thus when the milk is thawed and at room temp it'll go bad pretty quick. I don't think plain old refrigeration has quite the same effect, so if you take refrigerated milk out that hasn't been frozen, I don't think it goes bad as fast.

    If I'm wrong, please anyone feel free to correct me!

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    Default Re: Question about handling EBM.

    I really don't know, but your statement makes sense.

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    Default Re: Question about handling EBM.

    I agree that frozen milk goes bad faster, just from our 2+ years of experience.
    I'd put in an ice pack. Or, if you are going to use it in an hour or less, warm it up before you go.

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    Default Re: Question about handling EBM.

    I read that frozen milk is only good for 24 hours in the fridge. Mine had a funny smell when I defrosted it, but dd didn't seem to mind.

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