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    Hello all,

    DS started solids about a month and a half ago. He did really well with them up until about last week. Now he refuses anything but avocado. He is my second child, but I can't seem to get the solids thing right this time around. I offer him fruit in the morning, but he takes two bites and then shuts his mouth like a clamp. The same when I offer veggies at dinner. He will gobble the avocado at lunch though. Ugh! I don't want to give him avocado 3 times a day-- d/octor said to start three meals two weeks ago--maybe this is too much I don't know what to do, and I'm worried because he only gained one pound b/w 4-6 months (he is now just about 7 months). Any advice on how to get him to take more solids, or should I just stop worrying and let it go at this point? Btw, he is teething (top teeth) and has a cold, perhaps this is contributing to his distaste for food other than bm.


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    Breastmilk is all they need for the first year. Solids are for learning taste, textures...basically they are for fun. If he is refusing them, then I wouldn't force him to eat. Let him eat his alvacados and once in a while offer something else, but if he doesn't eat it thats ok! Just bf on demand and he'll be getting all he needs
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    Just let him take it at his own pace, maybe let him mess around with self-feeding some things, introduce some new foods to see if you find something he loves. We introduced cheerios around that time. He could be teething or something, mine never eat well when they're teething.

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