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Thread: Honey Nut Cheerios

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    Default Honey Nut Cheerios

    I have been looking for Cheerios in the stores for months, apparently we dont import them.. However today I found it! Yay! But only the Honey Nut variety (Im assuming there are other varieties). So since DS is turning 1 next week, I guess it would be safe to give him honey soon ( yes??), but what about the "nut"? I read the label it contains gound almond, is this ok?

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    Same problame here, only last month cheerios started to be seen in grocery shops, found 2 brands, one of Nestle and the other for General Mills "Honey nut cheerios", since I am not a big fan of nestel and I try my best not to buy their products, I bought the Honey nut Cheerios by General Mills, I thought since I dont have many options I might as well try it. Thank God, my lo didnt have any kind of reaction...


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    I know this is not your question, but you might want to reconsider cereals altogether. They are way overpriced and not very nutritious. They could actually be toxic: http://www.westonaprice.org/modernfo...y-secrets.html

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    I think raw honey is the problem, not processed honey. We give DD honey graham crackers.
    The nut part of it might be a problem. To be honest, I would go ahead and give them, but we have no allergies at all in our family and DD has accidently gotten some peanut butter before and was fine.
    If you take this thread to the allergy forum, you will probably get some MUCH different answers.

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