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Thread: Still not latching...

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    A-HEX, I thought about sending this as a private message, but then decided to go ahead and just lay it out there in front of everyone. I remember you saying that you wished that you could borrow a baby to show Kembra how to nurse.

    Well.... I had a brain storm. What about daddy? What about pumping and then snuggling up on the couch together as a family and letting daddy nurse and have him go on and on about how good it is and have Kembra crawl all over you and watch and offer to tandem nurse with daddy or instead of daddy. You could all laugh and giggle and be silly and let it be a game.

    I know, I know, I know. This sounds so weird. But, well... would it work?

    Oh, or maybe you could just pump one side (for daddy) so that Kembra would still have a "full" breast to nurse if she did nurse. This would mean you would still have to pump afterward, so maybe that would be added pressure that you don't need right now. A lot of babies like to nurse even after the milk is gone. (Or we wouldn't use pacifiers). So either way.

    Maybe pump until she decides to join in and then, when she decides to "play along," don't pump. I don't know. I am just brain storming. You might not feel comfortable with this. It is just a wacky idea. But, would it work?

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    It's not such a crazy idea...(speaking from experience)......
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