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Thread: Help Me Stop Dd From Weaning!

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    Default Help Me Stop Dd From Weaning!

    DD is 9.5 months old and I think she is starting to self wean. For the past week she seems to be getting less and less interested in nursing. When we sit down to nurse she wil suckle for a few min, then pop off and want down. She will be down for a little while (10-15 min) and want to nurse again. But when I put her back to breast she only suckles for a min, then wants down again. I have been allowing her to do this (it will go on for hours) because I want to nurse her as much as possible and I can't get her to stay at the breast so I allow her access whenever she requests it (she tugs at my shirt or pulls herself up to standing holding onto the ottoman). She still nurses well in the morning right before we get up and again before we leave the house and also nurses to fall asleep at night. But anytime in between she just doesn't want latch on and nurse. Normally I would just try to wait throught this, but it is affecting my milk supply and I already have to use 6 oz of my sister's ebm every day so she has enough ebm @ DCP. She has also started sleeping through the night. We were reverse-cycleing to keep my supply good but this too has ended. Please help me, I am so far from being ready to wean.
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    Default Re: Help Me Stop Dd From Weaning!

    Hi There! I so empathize. We went through very similar thing with DS at about the same age, maybe even a bit younger. He was just so active and curious and couldn't sit still to nurse. We actually had to just accept dropping alot of what had been 'typical' daytime nursing and just nurse before naps and at bedtime/during the night. J also started to sleep thru the night, but that came to a crashing halt and he has been back to 2x per night during the night. I've kept up with pumping a couple of times per day to keep the milk supply where I want it for the nanny to give him when I'm at work and that has more or less helped - though I've gone through SO much of my freezer stock as well. One thing that did help somewhat is to be consistent about picking 'the nursing spot' and when in that spot (rocker in his room), that's the focus. J has learned that and the up and down monkeying around stuff eased up. Some of the big bursts of having to be active and not sit still also died down once he got over the initial excitement of being independently mobile, so maybe your DD will settle back in some as well? I'm probably not helping all that much, but you aren't alone.... If your DD is still nursing a few times in a 24 hour period, she is still getting lots of the benefits of your milk, so that part can at least not worry you quite so much, perhaps??
    Hang in there....good luck...

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    Default Re: Help Me Stop Dd From Weaning!

    Is she still making enough wet diapers?
    Does she eat or dink anything else besides breastmilk?
    What kind of pump do you have and how often do you pump?

    While I havn't personally expirenced a child self weaning yet (my first is only 14 mo), this doesn't sound at all like what I have read self weaning is like. It sounds more like typical, normal 9 mo behaviour. Babies this age tend to be very distractable and also they are getting to the point where they can drain your breast in under 5 mins.

    How do you know your milk supply is going down? Do you mean primarily that you are finding that you can pump less now than you used to be able to pump?

    By the way, I think it is awesome that your sister lets you use some of her ebm!

    Here is a link (not LLL) on self-weaning in babies under 12 mo: http://kellymom.com/bf/weaning/babyselfwean.html

    And here is an LLL link on the pumping suply: http://www.lalecheleague.org/FAQ/pumpwork.html

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    Default Re: Help Me Stop Dd From Weaning!

    I have no advice, but my 8.5mo is doing this as well. All of a sudden, he nurses only 3 times per day (and 2 x at night). However, he does seem to eat more at these times (wake up, second nap time and bedtime). He get EBM in a cup during the day, but drinks only 4-5 oz total (at daycare).

    I was worried about it and do feel he is weaning away a little, but he is very active and may just be too busy. I am surprised because he used to love to nurse. Now he is not as "into it" as he was. I can tell from his body language.

    He still has poopy and wet diapers, so I'm not too worried. After so many feeding struggles, I have decided to go with the flow and not worry. He is a very large and happy baby. If he wasn't getting enough, I'm sure I wouldbe able to tell. Anyway, this may pass and he may go back to the way he was.

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    Default Re: Help Me Stop Dd From Weaning!

    Mommy, here's the deal: You're supposed to be available whenever I want to nurse. I have so much to do that I'll probably just have frequent snacks, but that's OK. I am too busy correcting centuries of astronomy (no, the Earth revolves around *me*, not the sun) to nurse for very long at one time.

    But seriously... Both my girls did the same to me. I had to take DD1 to a dark bedroom at my aunt's house to nurse because she wouldn't do it if there was anything more entertaining to do. It can be immensely frustrating. Now I have trouble gettting my kids to sit still through a meal; they are just too busy!

    I know you feel worried and frustrated, so I hope your issues resolve soon. Good luck!

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    Default DD Already Self-Weaning or Heat Wave To Blame???

    I really hope you can give me advice about what to do…


    My DD just turned 7 months old. We had a rough start (traumatized nipples, full-time expression, bottle since 2 weeks old) but got all of it straightened out by the time DD turned 4 months old. Since then, she’s been nursed directly and exclusively. I introduced solids using Gill Rapley’s baby-led introduction to solids approach when DD turned 6 months old. She’s gradually getting the hang of chewing although she hasn’t quite yet mastered swallowing. She is getting something in, however, since her poopy diapers have changed. But, I wouldn’t say it should affect her milk intake by a long shot since she gets solids only once a day (dinner time) and at lunch from Friday – Sunday (when I’m off). She’ll eventually get more solids when she actually learns how to eat, or rather, swallow.

    We’ve also started letting her practice with a sippy cup with a little bit of water. Again, she has yet to master holding and tipping it. If and when she does drink from it, it’s more because she’s playing rather than being thirsty. So, I would say she gets no fluids, other than breastmilk, when we’re apart (3 bottles of approx. 120 ml / 4 oz within 9 hours).


    We’re going through the second heat wave of the summer with no end in sight. Since the start of it (and my problem) a week ago, DD has a hard time falling asleep at the breast before bedtime. She doesn’t seem interested in nursing. Throughout the day, it’s a chore to get her to nurse. She squirms and is distracted by the tiniest peep or creak throughout the house. And if and when she does latch on and suckle, it’ll be for a minute or two and then she slides off and immediately puts her thumb in her mouth. If I put her down, she’ll start signing “milk” and then it starts all over again.

    When I returned to work, I resumed my usual 3 times every 3 hours expressing schedule. To my dismay, I pumped only 2 ounces after going back and forth several times. I usually get a minimum of 4 ounces. I didn’t freak because DD usually nurses 2 hours before. I usually can make up for it during the second pumping session. Again, only 2 ounces. Then I really freaked and it dawned on me… could DD be weaning? A 7 months? Keep in mind that she gets no other fluids and has suddenly lost her interest in solids. My mother-in-law (who isn’t crazy about my applying the Gill Rapley method…) insists I should introduce rice cereal and mashed/pureed solids on a spoon. I know DD… she won’t stand for it and besides, it’s not that she doesn’t want breastmilk… she doesn’t seem to want anything.

    When DD does manage to fall alseep, she’ll sleep anywhere from 7 – 10 hours straight. Of course, my breasts have gotten used the looonnng stretch.


    I contacted a lactation consultant whom I’ve contacted in the past. She suggests that DD is already starting to self wean but I disagree. I don’t think DD is necessarily on a nursing strike because she’ll nurse if I offer but I suspect the warm weather is playing a major role. And if DD is weaning, it’s within a space of a week!!! It doesn’t seem possible… LC advised waking DD up at least once during the night to nurse until heat wave breaks.

    I can accept if DD is ready to wean but I do not want to replace EBM with formula. I think she may be fooling me (not intentionally, of course) into thinking she’s weaning but is there a way to know for sure? And if I want to extend the nursing relationship until DD is at least a year (to avoid giving a replacement), is this appropriate?

    In the meantime, I’ve started taking domperidon, and expressing like mad.

    Any advice would be WELCOMED!

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