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Thread: not wanting solids when sick?

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    Default not wanting solids when sick?

    Is it normal for ds to suddenly not want solids because he's feeling sick? He's had a cold for a looong time now (I hate daycare!!!), but for the past 10 days he has refused to eat any solid foods. He is drinking enough, although its trouble to get it down him. He was diagnosed with an ear infection 4 days ago and we've had him on medicine.
    How can I get him interested again, or is this normal for a baby who's sick? 10 days just seems like a long time! He's 8.5 months and used to love his foods!

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    Default Re: not wanting solids when sick?

    I would think it sounds pretty normal - I don't want to eat much when I am sick either!
    Just keep nursing and he will come around again.

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    Default Re: not wanting solids when sick?

    Totally normal. BM is the best thing for sick LOs.

    Antibiotics can cause an aversion to solids too. They mess up the balance of gut flora so things are harder to digest and taste different. You might want to give him probiotics and/or yogurt to help counteract this. It will help his tastebuds get back to normal too.

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