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Thread: Going to conference & needing to pump

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    Default Going to conference & needing to pump

    I'm going to a conference next weekend and will need to pump (taking DD is not an option). I usually need to pump for about 30 minutes each session when I pump at work before no more milk is coming out. I'm wondering if I need to pump that long each time when away. I won't be saving the milk (too much hassle), but I don't want to adversely affect my supply by not emptying my breasts completely. It's just that 30 minutes is a long time to sit in the bathroom and pump when not in my room. Any advice?
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    Default Re: Going to conference & needing to pump

    Try to pump as frequently as you can and as fully as you can. If you don't have time to completely drain your breast, then certainly pumping some is better than none!

    Do let us know how it goes!

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