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Thread: Very Worried - Please Help!

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    He started teething at 8 months, and that is when his eating problems started. For the past few months, he has been refusing to eat baby food. He will eat a few bites of finger foods and table food (cheerios, veggie puffs, pieces of cheese sandwiches, cooked veggies, etc.) but not much. He still nurses like a champ and drinks the expressed breastmilk from a cup, but he refuses to open his mouth to allow in a spoon, and he takes only a few bites of finger foods and then starts whining and screaming to be let out of the high chair. I have tried feeding him in places other than the high chair, such as my lap, a regular chair, the bouncy seat. Nothing works.

    My concern is that he is not eating enough solid food. He still wakes 3 or 4 times a night to nurse (we cosleep), and I believe this is because he isn't eating enough during the day, but he nurses frequently throughout the day. He has very loose stool, and my friend whose son is 6 months old and who is eating solid food regularly says that her son has more adult-like stools (he, too, is still breastfed).

    The not sleeping at night may be due to teething and acheiving other milestones vs. not eating enough during the day. My DD did "sleep through the night" as well early on but since 5-6 mos gets up at least once to nurse or just b/c she finds herself sitting up in the crib and can't lay back down. Like the other pps said, I wouldn't worry about the solids now, just keep nursing as best you can!

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    Thank you all so much for your reassurances. I feel much better about the situation, and I have told my dh and the daycare providers what you all said, but I said the info came from my DR! I know I shouldn't lie to them, but the truth is, they leave me alone about the whole bf thing when they think I have the support of my dr!

    Corina, I did not take offense to what you said. The truth is, I would love to be a sahm and am very upset that we can't afford it. I knew when I married my dh I was also marrying into his debt, and once it's paid off maybe I can then be a sahm like I would love to be, but for now I have to work. So I feel guilty about it because I know that even though I like the daycare we chose, I also know my son is not getting the best care he could because it's not coming from me.

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