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Thread: breakout, on his chin

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    Default breakout, on his chin

    could the introduction of food (bananas, some rice cereal) cause my boy to breakout?
    he never had baby acne.
    could his excessive drooling be the issue?
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    Excessive drooling could cause it, esp from teething. My gal got a very slight rash around her mouth when I gave her cinnamon a couple of times. Yours could be drool or the bananas. Try them one more time if ithappens again, hold off for a few weeks and try again.
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    Default Re: breakout, on his chin

    Quote Originally Posted by rlabelson View Post
    Excessive drooling could cause it, esp from teething.
    I, too, have heard that babies can get pimples on their chins just before teething.

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    Default Re: breakout, on his chin

    I don't know. My daughter broke out in a rash on her cheeks (all over) and chin when I started her on green beans and apples. After 3 days, I stopped, but they are still there. I might be teething for your LO because it's only on the chin. Hopefully so!

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    While teething the ph of your baby's drool changes and can cause irritation.

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