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Thread: pulling at the nipple?

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    Default pulling at the nipple?

    what does it mean if they latch and un latch and when they unlatch they pull at the nipple.. hurts a bit, not awful but seriously makes me angry at times.. so I have her try like 3 or 4 times and after the 4th pull and unlatch i give her the paci and she cries. I can distract her by walking around etc to get her happy again but she wants to re-latch.. she's done this a bunch yesterday and today, its not every time we nurse though.. but a few times a day, definitely at night. The other night I offered her abottle and she guzzled down 3 onces from it. I want her to take my boob, not the bottle, though I'm glad she CAn take a bottle, but still!!

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    Red face Re: pulling at the nipple?

    Hello Pixiepurls Some advice I've gotten is that it may be due to over active let down. Please see my post "Begging for advice or just someone to relate" to view what other mommies have said. Here's my post (does this sound like what you're going through?): Hello Mommies
    I am a first time mom to a beautiful 2 month old boy named Jayden. In the beginning bf was challenging and wondered how long I could keep up w/ it but we eventually got the hang of it and I fell in love w/ bf...that is when he stayed latched on. Nowadays he'll latch on and take himself off, cry, and latch on again, latch off, cry so on and so forth. Needless to say this behavior is starting to take a toll on the nipples (and makes it difficult to tell if he's had enough milk or not) and my concern is whether this behavior is normal & if there is anything I can do to change it. Thankfully Jayden is thriving and gaining weight normally but I just need to know if anyone has had this experience before and if it could just be a phase we're going through?

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    Default Re: pulling at the nipple?

    my daughter is doing the same thing!!!!! i have been back to work for a week now and i have been givign her 3, 3.5oz bottle durign the day while at home with DAD. when i come home i can not wait to BF her, but she just tuggs and pulls, sucks and then stop!!!! i have no clue how much she gets. i hope it is just a phase adn i hope it ends soon!!!

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    Default Re: pulling at the nipple?

    I was going to say that the baby could be trying to stimulate a letdown and is impatient with waiting. Introducing bottles will make this worse because LO will discover how much faster & easier it is to get the milk from the bottle. Watch out!

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