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Thread: Should I pump out foremilk?

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    Default Should I pump out foremilk?

    So, here's the story so far:

    I'm the mother of twin girls born April 1st, 2006. Early on, we had some lactose overload problems because I was consuming too much sugar - one girl had broccoli-green stool, and the other was constantly fussing, spitting up, and farting. I cut out most of the sugar in my diet and the symptoms went away.

    Since then, I've developed oversupply / overactive let-down. We're doing all the basic stuff that is recommended - nursing in "uphill" positions, avoiding pumping, and even block-nursing both babies on one side (although I've only done this casually). However, the problem still seems to be getting worse and the girls are developing lactose overload symptoms again - green stools, and gassy fussiness.

    So here are my many questions:

    Should I try pumping out the foremilk at the beginning of the day / feeding block? Also, does hand-expression stimulate milk production less than pumping? Is there any way to increase the amount of fat in the foremilk so that it will move through the babies' digestive tracks slower and give time for the lactose to be digested properly? Can breast compression help in this case (as seem at http://www.kellymom.com/newman/15bre...mpression.html) ? Could I lower the amount of lactose in my milk further by cutting back even further on sugar, and would this be wise or even help? Should I start looking for recipes with sage in them to lower my supply ? Would a milk bank want my pumped foremilk, even though it is so low-fat and causing problems in feeding my own babies?

    Thanks for any help!


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    Default Re: Should I pump out foremilk?

    might not just be the sugar in your diet.. could be something else..
    do you have food allergies in your family? Do you drink alot of cows milk?
    some babies are bothered by soy also.

    I Like this page it has the other symtoms to look for..
    you might want to try an ELIMINATION DIET and see if the twins get any beter.
    My dd was bothered by cows milk in my diet untill she was about 9 months old.
    She would spit up, fuss and have green poops when I cutted out all dairy she was a diffent baby. And she didn't spit up anymore.
    also the babies are young yet, your supply is still trying to regulate itself, I don't think I would do anything to reduce your milk supply.As soon as you try something the girls will have a grouth spurt and want more breastmilk
    good luck!

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    Default Re: Should I pump out foremilk?

    even block-nursing both babies on one side (although I've only done this casually).
    If you want to correct an oversupply problem you will need to block feed diligently and not just casually. Block feeding will be the most effective technique in correcting oversupply. Also, it may take several weeks of block feeding before you see an improvement in the color of their stools and their behavior.

    That said, how often are the babies being nursed?

    I would NOT pump off your foremilk. Stay away from the pump altogether, if you can.

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    Default Re: Should I pump out foremilk?

    While it is important not to "pump" perse, some mothers find that it helps with forceful letdown that is often associated with having too much milk to hand-express just a little bit of milk at the start of a feeding, especially when the breast is full.

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    Question Re: Should I pump out foremilk?

    I am having a similar problem. I find if my DS sleep well at night, then I am in pain from engorgement in the morning. I have been trying to block feed, but find some mornings I need to pump one breast and feed from the other. However, it sounds like in order to correct an oversupply problem, I should not pump (other than a bit to relieve the engorgement). The problem is if I only pump a bit from the breast that is not being used for the block-feeding, by the time it is time to start feeding from that breast, it sprays out and DS gets very frusterated, screams and swallows a lot of air which leads to gassiness (and more discomfort and crying for him). What should I do?

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