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    Question I Can't Tell...

    I think I may be dealing w/ OALD. However, I notice a few differences when I am comparatively reading others' posts. My situation includes:
    I can hear my son gulping milk and air, sometimes lots of air, after let down;
    He stops to choke and cough at least twice per feeding;
    He is gassy, painfully so, and will stop nursing to pass or poop, but he screams;
    I don't spray milk, but it does drip fast, and will leak from the other boob while I'm feeding ds;
    He has never had green poop, just normal BF stools;
    I have to hold onto my breast the whole time he nurses, otherwise, he starts "clicking" and loses his latch. I think this is because by holding my breast, it's slowing the flow of milk.

    So, because of several discrepancies, I am unsure of whether this is OALD. Should I try block feeding, and will it hurt to do so even if I might not have an OALD? It breaks my heart that he has to go through this every time he nurses (which is every 2-3 hours; 4-5 @ night).

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Remember, whatever his experience is with food, it's all he knows. So you don't need to feel too bad. Better there is too much to eat rather than not enough.
    It sound like you may have OALD. And block feeding can be done a number of ways. With my DS we have always blockfed in that we always only did just one side per feeding. You can also block feed off the same breast for certain hour intervals. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort you can hand pump just enough to relieve engorgement.
    Don't worry. If you Have OALD your baby will learn to cope. The clicking is a sign he already is. The clicking noise happens when the baby is trying to block or modify the milk flow by covering the nipple with his tongue.

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    Clicking was the sign for me that I had OALD and oversupply. It DOES get better and block feeding was what helped me. The engorgement is tough but ibuprofen, rest and a good long feed when you do get to that side helps alot. Another important thing with OALD is positioning. Side lying kept my son more relaxed and less clicking but upright on my lap during the day relieved some of the choking/gagging.

    Don't feel bad, he isn't harmed, you are doing the very best you can and the very best for your baby. Keep up the good work.
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