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Thread: Painful boobs

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    My 16 mo DD and I have been weaned for a week now. She is doing well, but mommy is having painful boobs. My right breast hurts in one area and is more painful than the left. I am leaking pretty often. My breasts are tender to touch. No fever or anything. What should I do for this? I don't want to pump or anything to cause me to make more milk, but I don't want to get mastitis either....

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    It sounds as if you might be engorged. I'm sorry you didn't get any reply until now! I hope you're doing OK. Here is some information about engorgement: http://www.llli.org/FAQ/engorgement.html.You'll find some things to try, such as cold to reduce swelling and cabbage leaves. Some of the information can be skipped because it assumes you are currently nursing.

    I understand your desire to avoid pumping so as not to increase the milk supply. Sometimes mothers find that it helps to express just enough milk to relieve the pain.

    Good luck!

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    Crazy as it might sound, I've heard the cabbage leaves work. I haven't tried it myself but a friend of mine stopped nursing her dd and was telling me about her pain too. I told her about cabbage leaves and she tried it. She called me a week later and told me she was pain free.

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