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Thread: Is this the end???

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    Unhappy Is this the end???

    Hi All,

    I need help. My DD is five months on Monday, but my milk supply is nearly depleted. I did not plan to stop nursing this soon. Actually I only planned on nursing until she was 6 months, but now I think even a year would be better. I am not ready to let go of that attachment.

    I noticed after a period last month that my supply went down. I have tried pumping more, nursing more, eating oatmeal, and drinking more water, but nothing seems to help. I have had a problem with the right side from the beginning. Now I may not even get 1/2 an ounce in say 15-20 of pumping. On the left I am down to about 4 oz. after 15-20 minutes of pumping. Today I was almost in tears leaving my baby with only a 5 oz bottle. She has not grown use to any juice, so I have been quite frantic that she may not get enough.

    Someone asked if I have been eating right also. What should I be eating and how much? Will that have an effect on my supply? Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do, and how long will it take for me to see an increase or is this the end????

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    Hi Shareex,
    I am sorry that you are having some troubles. I can only imagine how you must feel to think that you do not have enough for your dc. Do you have to pump or are you pumping to have some extra while you are out? You said that you got 4 ounces, that is really good. You see, no matter how hard the pump companies try to simulate the baby they can not, so what you pump is not an accurate gage of what you are giving your baby when she nurses. If she is having good output, wet and poopy diapers, is not frustrated at the breast, seems to be satisfied and is meeting all of her milestones than I would venture to say that your supply is just fine. Also , do you feel your letdown, how about your breasts getting full?
    If you feel that you do have a supply issue than to breastfeed more often is a great place to start. BFing works on supply and demand, the more you nurse the more milk that you will make. About your period returning, I have heard that some women do see a drop for that short time but it seems to return after their cycle is over. Do you have a local LLL group, if not I would encourage you to get hooked up with them, I think that you would really find them helpful. You also ask about your diet, As long as you are eating somewhat "healthy" and drinking to thirst than you should be fine... Our bodies are amazing gifts from God that seem to know exactly what to do. Many blessings to you and all the best!

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    Firstly, breathe. As hard as it is, stressing can and will effect your supply. Its hard to let down if you are anxious. Try to pump while thinking of your daughter nursing at the breast, imagine the milk flowing down the ducts and out your nipples. What helps me sometimes is to distract myslef, I pump while watching tv. Getting my mind off it means I am not worrying, ya know?
    As far as what you eat effecting it, it is only a concern if you are not eating well in teh sense liek extreme dieting or anorexia. As long as you eat decent you will be okay,. Its good to drink tons of water. Oatmeal can help too. Have you tried anything like a mothers milk tea or herbs? I use fengreek myself. I take two pills three times daily and they say the way you know you are taking enough is when your urine and sweat have a slight maple syrup scent. So, you go around craving pancakes but it DOES help your supply. I noticed a change in a couple days. You can find teh tea at GNC or any health food store or some grocery stores too.
    Also, you get less pumping so do NOT judge your supply on how much you can pump. Its not as efficient as the baby getting it straight from teh source, ya know? A mom canm get anywhere from 1/2 ounce to 3 ounces average from each breast after a 20 min pumping session so 4 ounces is good and about normal anyway.
    If yoyu are really concerned though, try pumping for 5 minutes after you nurse her so you can stimulate the supply and demand fact. Nurse more often, offer the breast every couple hours or pump more just so your body will assume it NEEDS more so it will make more. Best of luck! It can be HARD not to worry, I know!

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