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Thread: HELP! OALD...Frustrated and Drenched!

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    Exclamation HELP! OALD...Frustrated and Drenched!

    My 6 week old son's ped said that he has GERD but I am convinced that his symptoms are a classic case of a baby dealing with OALD but I don't know how to stop my crazy flow!

    When my milk lets down, it's so painful I have to stop whatever I am doing because I can't function! When I nurse, my milk sprays all over, drenching my son and I. He chokes, gags, gulps and spits up and I have to unlatch him often to burp him. I also unlatch him when my milk lets down, spray into a towel and then relatch him when it slows down but even "slowed down" is pretty fast. Afterwards, he cries and fusses and often spits up. Seems like he spits up a LOT but he has lots of wet and poopie diapers. I am concerned about foremilk / hindmilk inbalance, too. The ped said that he's gaining weight faster than expected...another side effect of GERD, right?

    Yesterday, I began block nursing in 8 hour time frames (3-4 hours didn't seem long enough since he only wants to eat about that often.) It seems to have worked a TINY bit for the breast that he repeatedly feeds on but the breast that is "on hold" becomes EXTREMELY engorged and painful. I end up expressing for comfort but I feel that just complicates the supply issue. Am I treating OALD or OS?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I am not opposed to breastfeeding in public but I am such a mess with 3 or 4 cloth soaked cloth diapers, spraying milk, frustrated baby and me ending the feeding in tears. I stopped breastfeeding my daughter (11 years old) at 8 weeks for all the frustrating issues I mentioned.

    Thank you...

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    Default Re: HELP! OALD...Frustrated and Drenched!

    HI! Welcome.
    Well it actually sound like you are doing every thing right! Letting the letdown go into a cloth after letdown before beginning, block feeding, and hand expressing to relieve engorgement are all the right moves for OALD. Please don't give up! If your baby is gaining better than expected and has enough wet and dirty diapers than you just have to have faith that it will work itself out. It does and it will. It may however be far beyond the 8 week mark.
    Most of the time, as frustrating as it is for YOU to see you LO sputtering, coughing spitting up, a little one who knows no other way to get food, isn't nearly as upset about it. They just think this is what is involved in eating.
    Continue to block feed. Which can simply mean, just only eat from one side per feeding rather than going in 1/2 day intervals. This may help with engorgement issues.
    And here are some signs that your LO is learning to COPE with OALD and all will eventually be OK: Popping on and off the breast. This indicates that your LO understands that a large forceful letdown is coming and they want to avoid it but still get food. So they will suck for a moment, pop off and then come back in and so on. So if you begin to see this or you already have, don't let it frustrate you. It's a GREAT sign!
    Clicking. This a loud sucking sound that is made when the baby utilizes his/her tongue to block or modify the milk flow. As long as this doesn't cause a painful latch, it doesn't need to be corrected and again shows a resilient LO who is learning to cope.
    All in all, you supply should regulate itself somewhere between 12 and 16weeks. It's a supply and demand thing and your body will adjust. But again if baby is gaining, all is well. :tumbsup
    Don't give up, and let us know if you have any more questions!

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    Default Re: HELP! OALD...Frustrated and Drenched!

    I use a bib...ds wears one ALL the time so that he doesn't mess his clothes with the spitup and so that I can just slide my nipple over a bit when he pops off until the spray stops, and its caught in the big. Then I latch him back on...and it happens again when the flow gets going again. I have a very painful letdown as well...but that gets better. I don't remember when, but I do remember that at some point the letdown just felt like what they said it should...tingly.

    I also go long intervals--sometimes 12 hours, depending on ds's mood--on one breast. Only express as much as you need to to feel comfortable again, or just nurse on that side a bit sooner. It will get better--it is for me finally at 11 weeks. Or so I think...but I go back and forth with growth spurts, I think.

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