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Thread: Engorged breasts at night. Help!

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    Default Engorged breasts at night. Help!

    My LO is 11 weeks today (going by way too fast!!) and I returned to work this week. I began pumping both of my breasts 3 times a day at work. When I am home, I strictly BF and normally only do 1 breast at each feeding because she seems full after 15 minutes on one breast. Her last feeding is at 10 and she generally wakes around 3:30-4:00 am to nurse. The problem is that at night, the breast that I did not feed from last gets so full of milk that I have to wake up and pump. Not what I want to be doing when I have to get up at 5:00 am. Am I pumping incorrectly? Does my body just need time to adjust?

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    Default Re: Engorged breasts at night. Help!


    I can hear your frustration! Do I understand you correctly that you are getting enough from the three pumping sessions at work to satisfy your baby during the next day while you are at work? If so, when you wake at night, you can just hand express a little until you are comfortable. That will tell your body that it doesn't need to produce quite so much at that time of day.

    You might also consider bringing your baby to bed with you to nurse at night. Many working mothers find this to be a relaxing way to bond with baby at the end of the day, and it is very good for maintaining a good milk supply. It can also really help to ease nighttime engorgement.

    HTH. Hang in there!


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