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Thread: Yogurt?

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    I am currently reading the Super Baby book and my boys just love eating fresh made food only; however, I do need to keep premade things on hand for emergencies being that now they are quite spoiled and refuse any of the strained store bought things. I thought soy yogurt would be a good ready made staple. The book says whole milk yogurt is okay to introduce after six months, but says nothing about soy yogurt. So far my boys have adapted well to everything I have made them--no allergies.

    When did all of you introduce yogurt--soy or whole-milk?

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    I introduced soy yogurt at around 10 mo.

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    I am not a fan of soy. I think I introduced whole milk yogurt around 8-9 months. DD loves it with a little bit of maple syrup to cut the tartness.

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    Whole milk yogurt - at 7-8 months.

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