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Thread: what to wean to?

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    Default what to wean to?

    We have been breastfeeding for 10 1/2 months (exclusively until 6 1/2 months) and I am trying now to plan how to wean.
    It may sound silly but would really appreciate your tips on the following:
    1) what do you wean to -- milk, formula, yogurt etc? What is best? (read lots about milk being bad before 1 year)
    2) My LO has been missing a few feedings as he takes a bigger interest in solid food and has really boosted his intake of certain foods -- especially tvorog (a sort of Russian cross between cottage cheese and yogurt). He downed 200 grams of it for breakfast the other day -- is that too much?
    3) I worry that he seems to like meat and dairy more than veg. how do i get him to eat more veg.

    thanks and best regards, N

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    Default Re: what to wean to?

    Are you planning on weaning him now?
    Is your plan to totally wean him off breastmilk? If you are weaning him now off breastmilk, I believe he will need formula. If you wait until he is a year old you can give him cows milk instead of formula.
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