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Thread: How do I start weaning?

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    Default How do I start weaning?

    I feel like I should already know the answer to that question, since I BF'd and weaned DD. DS is 10.5 months and I plan on nursing until he's 1. I hadn't planned on nursing this long, but due to food allergies, I was told 1 yr would be best for him.

    Anyway, DD I nursed until 10 months but I started the weaning with her 2 months before. I just kept getting rid of a feeding every couple of weeks and by the time she stopped nursing I didn't even have any issues (physically for me).

    DS seems SO much more into BF'ing than she was so I don't know how I shoudl do it. He has gotten formula in the past couple of months so I know I can switch him back and forth. Should I start getting rid of the day feedings first?

    I just feel more anxious doing anything different than what we're doing with DS right now just because of his allergy issues...kind of like I don't want to "rock the boat".

    Thanks for any opinions.

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    Default Re: How do I start weaning?

    i may not be much help, as i too am seeking help!, but my ds pediatrician told me just to stop, he would be fussy for one day but he would also learn to "self soothe." my ds was fine after one fussy day and a couple days later he would try but it wasnt ever an issue. good luck with everything!!

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